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Black Sarawak pepper

Black Sarawak pepper

Black Sarawak pepper is harvested on the island of Borneo in Malaysia. The peppercorns are picked by hand one by one, then dried in the sun. They release woody scents with fresh fruity notes and will delight grilled meat, soft red fruit desserts and pan-fried spring vegetables.

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How to Use Sarawak Pepper in Your Dishes?

Explore the Flavors of this Pepper in Your Preparations

Fresh, fruity, and woody, Sarawak pepper is perfect on a meat jus turbo. This pepper with citrus and red fruit aromas will enhance your meats, sautéed vegetables, shellfish, and fish, as well as your fruit or chocolate desserts.

Around a cheese platter, don't hesitate to sprinkle this pepper on your toasts; it will reveal the flavors of your cheeses! It will also be perfect in a pepper sauce to accompany your duck breasts. Crush 1 tablespoon of Sarawak black pepper and put it in your pan after cooking your duck breast. Add 2 teaspoons of veal stock and quickly stir. Add 20 cl of liquid cream, salt, and let it simmer for a few minutes over low heat to thicken the cream. Pour over your sliced duck breast.

Finally, let your creativity speak in your desserts! Sarawak pepper is perfect in sweet preparations. Its fruity taste will enhance your preparations and give character to your pastry creams, whipped cream, or pies.

Our Recipe Ideas to Use Sarawak Pepper in Your Cooking

· marinated poultry bites with Sarawak pepper: add 1 teaspoon of crushed Sarawak pepper to your marinade;

· scallops, cauliflower cream with Sarawak black pepper: add 3 to 4 pinches of Sarawak pepper to your cream before reducing it;

· duck breast with Sarawak pepper sauce: crush a tablespoon of Sarawak pepper before adding it to a pan with your cooking juices;

· Sarawak pepper and red fruit pavlova: add 1 teaspoon of crushed and toasted Sarawak pepper to your meringue before whisking it;

· homemade yogurts with Sarawak pepper: add 1 teaspoon of Sarawak pepper to your milk before heating it;

· white chocolate and Sarawak pepper macarons: add 1 tablespoon of Sarawak pepper to your white chocolate ganache before whisking it.

Sarawak Pepper, for a Fruity and Woody Taste

A Citrusy Scent with Hints of Licorice

Sarawak pepper has an aroma with fruity, almost floral notes, close to citrus. Woody and musky notes can also be found in its aromas. Both pungent and acidic, this balanced pepper can be consumed in almost all your preparations, savory as well as sweet, and will add finesse to them. Sarawak pepper goes wonderfully well with red fruits; it will be perfect on a strawberry salad.

Moderately spicy in the mouth, it will warm your palate.

Black Pepper from the Island of Borneo

Sarawak pepper, from the Piper nigrum species, is cultivated in the northern part of the island of Borneo, more precisely in the Malaysian part, in the heart of the province of Sarawak. The pepper plants are located in the rainforest where the famous orangutans of Borneo live. Sarawak pepper benefits from a protected geographical indication. The harvest extends from April to September with a peak in May and June.

M. Bajot, retired naval commissioner, wrote in 1825 in the "Annales maritimes et coloniales" that the Chinese introduced pepper cultivation on the island of Borneo at the end of the 18th century. The trade between Borneo and China, through the port of Amoy, was very important at that time. The Chinese imported pepper, camphor, tortoiseshell, cloves, precious woods, etc. M. Bajot also writes: "The English were long accustomed to bring to Borneo fabrics of good quality but small size: they took, in return, pepper and gold powder".

Uses of Sarawak Pepper

Sarawak pepper was introduced to Borneo by the Chinese according to the writings of Louis-Marie Bajot to develop the local economy of this region. But it was the English, with James Brooke of the Borneo Company, who stabilized the local economy to intensify the production of this exceptional pepper.

Today, the Sarawak region remains the 6th largest producer of pepper in the world.

This pepper is used in multiple ways around the world, such as infused in tea to benefit from its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties facilitating digestion or as essential oil in the bath to purify the skin.

Sarawak Black Pepper is available in the custom-made pepper box dedicated to the peppers of the world

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Native country MALAISIE
Ingredients black pepper from Sarawak
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