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Cheeselover's pepper

Cheeselover's pepper

Calling all cheese lovers


This pepper mix is divine for your cheese board selection.

It is delicious with raclette cheese, goat’s cheese, Savoie cheese, and some enjoy it with a vintage Comté.

Try it will all your favourite cheese!
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Where to use Cheese lover’s pepper

Perfect served with your cheese board selection, sprinkle it on cheese tarts or on your Cacio e Pepe pasta dish!


How to get the best from your Cheese lover’s pepper


·         Peppered cream cheese: add 2 teaspoons of Cheese lover’s pepper to your cream cheese and leave to infuse for a day;

·         Pepper and cream cheese sauce: add two pinches of Cheese lover’s pepper to your sauce;

·         Goat’s cheese canapés: add a pinch of Cheese lover’s pepper to your goat’s cheese canapés;

·         Peppery raclette: sprinkle a pinch of Cheese lover’s pepper in your mini-pan before melting your cheese;

·         Roast camembert: sprinkle a few pinches of Cheese lover’s pepper on your camembert before roasting in the oven;

·         Cacio e Pepe spaghetti: fry 3 tablespoons of Cheese lover’s pepper in a frying pan before making your sauce with the cooking water used for the pasta.


Brie with Cheese lover’s pepper 



1 whole brie de Meaux;

125g mascarpone;

3 teaspoons Cheese lover’s pepper;

2 pinches salt with grilled spices.



Whip the mascarpone with a fork. Mix the mascarpone with the Cheese lover’s pepper and some salt. Cut the brie in half lengthways and spread your mascarpone mix in the middle of the brie. Close the brie and leave to chill in the fridge.

Its intense notes will enhance all aromas


The Timiz pepper releases intense aromas of tobacco and resin, a perfect match for chicken liver terrines or cream cheese.

Grains of paradise, also called Korarima, come from Ethiopia and release a delicious fruity scent when ground.

Szechuan berries have delightful citrus spicy flavours and aromas of lime. Its notes of dried flowers and acidic cherries will enhance goat’s cheese.

Cinnamon berry is similar to cinnamon with slightly stronger aromatic and sweeter notes.

Penja white pepper with its animal notes and aromas of menthol release its truly outstanding character and flavours.

A mix of peppers and spices to enhance all your cheese


A mix of spices and peppers full of aromas including Timiz pepper, Korarima from Ethiopia, red Szechuan berry, cinnamon berry, Penja white pepper, golden sesame, coriander, garlic, cumin and fenugreek.

Cheese lover’s pepper will enhance the aromas of all your cheese.

Where does Cheese lover’s pepper come from?


The story behind this aromatic mix


There’s nothing new about pairing cheese and pepper. At Terre Exotique we wanted to create a mix that would go wondrously with all types of cheese. Try out our recipe which is very aromatic without overpowering your cheese.

More Information
More Information
Allergen Sésame, sulfites / Sesame, Sulphites
Native country France
Ingredients long pepper, kororima, red Szechuan berry, white Penja pepper,
cinnamon berry, golden SESAME, coriander, garlic (SULPHITES),
cumin, fenugreek.
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.

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