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Galanga powder
Galanga powder

Galanga powder

Galanga powder – an explosion of exotic flavors

Savor the intensity of galanga powder, a staple in Asian cuisine. Its spicy and citrusy notes will awaken your dishes with an unforgettable exotic touch.

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What is galanga powder?

Galanga powder is made from the dried and ground rhizome of galanga, a tropical plant cherished for its spicy and aromatic flavor. This seasoning is a cornerstone in Asian cuisine, particularly in Thai dishes.

Botanical origin of galanga

Belonging to the Zingiberaceae family, galanga, scientifically known as Alpinia galanga, is native to Southeast Asia. It is primarily cultivated in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand for its fragrant rhizome.

How to use galanga powder?

Galanga powder is versatile and can be used in a multitude of dishes. It excels in curries, soups, and marinades, bringing a warm and spicy flavor that is both complex and comforting.

What are the aromas of galanga powder?

Galanga powder offers a rich and powerful bouquet, with pronounced notes of ginger and lemon, complemented by subtle hints of pine and black pepper. Its flavor is exotic, slightly burning, and highly aromatic.

The History of Galanga

Galanga has a fascinating history, closely linked to Asian trade routes and traditional medicine. Used for centuries, it was once as valuable as rare spices and was renowned for its numerous medicinal properties.

More Information
More Information
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Native country Indonésie, Vietnam
Genus and botanical species Alpinia officinarum
Ingredients galanga
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