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Every pastry chef has their secret. What's yours? With these 3 spices, reinvent your classics, explore new recipes, and delight your loved ones.


Discover the 3 delicate spices in this Secrets de Pâtisserie gift box


Spéculoos blend

This spice blend for Spéculoos is ideal for your holiday pastries! This Terre Exotique recipe includes cinnamon, fennel, green anise, coriander, cardamom, and, of course, clove. These finely ground spices are to be integrated as is into your gourmet preparations.


The Amazonian origins of Tonka Bean

The Tonka Bean grows nestled in the heart of a Coumarou tree in the Amazon rainforest. It's in this environment that it develops its unique taste day after day. The Tonka Bean is the kernel of the fruit of this tree, which, after being harvested, is immersed in alcohol and then dried. It's highly appreciated by pastry chefs who praise its delicate and sweet aromas.


Orange Powder

This fruit, very popular all over the world, is used in many desserts thanks to its tangy taste. To obtain Terre Exotique orange powder, the fruit's peel is harvested and then dried. It's then finely ground to obtain a very easy-to-work-with texture.


Let yourself be enchanted by the aromas of the Secret Pastry Box

Each spice has its unique taste!

In this Terre Exotique spice box, there's something for every taste. Citrus enthusiasts will find in our finely ground orange powder sweet and fruity flavors. Less acidic than its cousin, lemon, orange powder presents warm and sweet notes. Its fresh fruit taste is very present. The Tonka Bean has a round and warm taste, reminiscent of almond, vanilla, coffee, and even Amsterdam tobacco. Finally, the Spéculoos blend offers warm, caramelized, and spicy aromas.

Try them together for new flavors

Did you know that orange powder pairs very well with Tonka Bean and the Spéculoos blend? The combination of orange and Tonka Bean is particularly sublime. This balance of flavors is expressed perfectly in a chocolate mousse, for example.

Our recipe ideas with the spices of the Secret Pastry Box

Roasted Apricots with Tonka Bean and Vanilla Syrup

Here's an original recipe idea for your summer desserts! Prepare a sugar syrup by incorporating vanilla sugar or a ground vanilla pod. Cut the apricots in half and arrange them on a baking sheet. Drizzle them with the sugar syrup and roast for a long time over low heat. When they come out of the oven, grate Tonka bean over the apricots.


Comforting Winter Desserts with Spéculoos Blend

Of course, the Terre Exotique Spéculoos Blend allows you to make the delicious biscuits that are offered on Saint Nicholas Day. For this, count one teaspoon of Spéculoos Blend to make one kilo of dough. You can also use this tasty spice blend for other desserts! Try a Spéculoos Tiramisu, a revisited Gingerbread, Christmas shortbread cookies, or a Spéculoos spice mousse with cooked apples.


Orange Powder Flavors Your Cakes and Pastries

It's impossible to resist its bewitching fragrance, orange powder is a spice that can be easily used in a large number of recipes. It's up to you to express your creativity! Orange and sliced almond cake, orange-yuzu mousse, caramelized orange tart, madeleines... The only limit is your imagination!


Where Does Our Love for Pastry Come From?

Cakes as Offerings

Our history with pastry goes back a long way... In fact, there are traces of cakes in Ancient Greece, more than 7,000 years ago. The Greeks made "obélias", preparations made of flour and honey, which they offered as sacrifices. It was the gods of Olympus who feasted on them! The first guild of pastry chefs was established in Rome in the 4th century BC. It was called "Pastillariorum". Until today, desserts, biscuits, and other cakes have remained an important part of societies around the world.

Celebrating with Pastry

Like our ancestors, pastries are still today an occasion for celebration! Holidays, birthdays, events... Every culture cooks specific desserts for special occasions. At Terre Exotique, we believe that sharing flavors is a very powerful link between cultures. And we are happy to bring our Pastry Secrets Box into this balance!


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TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.