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24 ideas to discover the universe of Terre Exotique


To please yourself and discover new flavors, discover the selection among 24 of the most beautiful references.

A great gift idea for any self-respecting gourmet traveler!

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What does this set consist of?


This box is composed of 24 bags of spices, peppers, salts and other mixtures that will delight your taste buds and allow you to give pep to your kitchen.


In this box, you will find :

Our famous Voatsiperifery pepper, the wild pepper from Madagascar whose aromas are more fragrant and spicy than those of Piper nigrum peppers. Indeed, the voatsiperifery pepper is very fresh and reveals aromas of flowers, undergrowth but also citrus fruits which give a flavor both acid and mentholated quite exceptional.


The Arrabiata blend is full of flavors that will transport you directly to Italy. This spicy blend is a perfect match for pasta.


The Cajun blend is an American-inspired blend of spices, spicy and full of flavor, that will make your simple dishes a real success! However, the Cajun blend, with its balance of spices and flavors, can also meet the challenge of more sophisticated dishes.


Cardamom is a capsule filled with brown seeds. Native to the Malabar Coast in India. It has conquered the world with its lemony and camphorated freshness. It enhances game, rice, coffee ice cream and pear taters.


The classic chai, an aromatic beverage composed of a decoction of spices carefully selected and dosed to quench thirst, but also to do good to the body and mind. Terre Exotique's Classic Chai is composed of the common spices of a chai: Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, green cardamom, cloves. Instead of the traditional black pepper, we opted for the more aromatic Cambodian long pepper.


A short-boil blend for everyday use. These spices will delightfully flavor your everyday dishes, fish, seafood but also poultry.


Cubeb pepper, originally from Indonesia, the Cubeb pepper is characterized by its slight spiciness, its aromatic, subtle and bitter notes of clove. Alone or mixed with other peppers, use this cubeb pepper to flavor your sweet and savory dishes, chutneys or compotes.


Shichimi Togarashi curry, a blend with lemony and spicy notes. Invented by herbalists in the Edo period (17th century).

Literal translation of "Shichimi togarashi" : "7 flavors pepper". Sold by street vendors during neighborhood festivals.


The prestigious flavored summer truffle salt diamond. Combined with truffles, this Himalayan salt diamond transforms all everyday dishes. Ideal on vegetable purées, carpaccios, salads, fine fish or with a simple omelette.


The foie gras spices mix, a must for the end of the year celebrations. This spicy and flavorful blend will make your festive preparations a real success! Sprinkled on toast or added to your recipes, the foie gras blend will add a subtle touch to your preparations.


Gomasio is a blend of roasted spices and fleur de sel that is highly prized in Japanese cuisine. Sprinkle a pinch after cooking on your raw vegetables, salads, crunchy vegetables, sushi, sashimi or woks!


Ma khaen berry with its tangerine and smoked tea flavors is traditionally cooked by Laotians and Vietnamese in a sauce with grilled chicken with lemongrass, ginger and chili.


Discover the delicate flavors of this gingerbread blend that will facilitate the preparation of your homemade gingerbread or sublime your squash and shellfish.


The white pepper of Penja, the essential of our house. This white pepper of Penja with animal notes and menthol aromas is exceptional by its character and its flavour.


Like the sailors, with the oyster pepper, take the helm and set sail for the open sea, taking care not to forget your knife, your dozen oysters and of course, your oyster pepper to flavor them: a delicate Breton blend of crushed peppers.


Discover the Rendang Curry, a traditional recipe from Padang, west of Sumatra island. A basic ingredient for the festive meals of the Minangkabu ethnic group. Flavors the eponymous dish "curry rendang": beef simmered for long hours in coconut milk.


The speculoos blend, a mixture of spices inspired by the Nordic countries, is fragrant and full of flavour, making your simple dishes a real success!


The Steakhouse blend to revisit your beef and game dishes with this blend of character: grilled, breaded, stuffed, a la plancha or in sauce.


Brown sugar with Tonka bean... yoghurts, pancakes, madeleines and other desserts are delighted. To caramelize on a crème brûlée for a result to melt of greed!


The Timur berry is harvested by farmers in the Nepalese mountains, it has notes of grapefruit, a lemon scent. Crushed or infused in your dishes, it wonderfully spices up shellfish, fish and chocolate and fruity desserts.


Our famous trapper's blend, inspired by Quebec, will transport you out of time and civilization. Tucked away in the heart of a maple forest, the call of nature is stronger! Hunting and gathering are the order of the day, for simple and natural recipes. However, the trapper's blend, in its balance of flavors, also meets the challenge of more sophisticated dishes.


The Viking salt with its powerful and smoky aromas, this salt does not fail to surprise! Legend has it that this wonderful recipe inherited from the Vikings was found by a miracle. Viking salt goes superbly with gratins dauphinois, eggs or crudités with salt!


To prepare for winter, the mulled wine blend. Red wine, orange, sugar... heat and enjoy in moderation!


Our Lebanese zathar. This mixture with warm and lemony flavors is used in mezzes. Orientalize your vegetables of the sun, white meats and smoked salmon and why not in marinade!

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