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Aleppo Trio, 3x80g

Aleppo Trio, 3x80g

This Aleppo soap is crafted solely from olive oil, bay laurel oil, and sea salt, offering a hypoallergenic and completely natural composition. The 80g trio is ideal for easily carrying it while traveling or presenting it in your guest rooms.
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The Aleppo Soap, made using an ancient method

Its production follows a millennia-old know-how, ensuring its authenticity. Marketed for over 25 years by Tadé, this legendary Aleppo soap respects the interests of local farmers, as well as those of the master soapmaker and their workers.

How to use Tadé's Aleppo Soap

This Aleppo soap is entirely plant-based, providing a sustainable and economical option for your skin and the environment. With its richness in active ingredients and antioxidants, it is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive, for both body and face.

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