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Aleppo soap in slice, 200 g

Aleppo soap in slice, 200 g

Discover the authentic sliced Aleppo soap made by Tadé. This convenient soap with its integrated rope is hypoallergenic and composed of 100% naturally sourced ingredients.

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How to use the sliced Aleppo soap

You can apply this soap directly onto wet skin, or use it with the help of a glove to create a generous lather. Once used, make sure to rinse thoroughly.

The benefits of sliced Aleppo soap

For two millennia, Aleppo soap has been renowned for its body hygiene properties. The sliced portion reveals its core, which is brimming with 100% natural active ingredients.

Versatile, it is also your ally for handwashing clothes. You can hang it in your lingerie drawer, wardrobe, or tuck it between stacks of laundry to enjoy its benefits. In fact, thanks to its laurel scent, it repels moths.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 0
Allergen Absence
Native country SYRIE
Ingredients olive oil, water, laurel oil, sodium hydroxide.