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Rose petal
Rose petal

Rose petal

Discover the Delicate Rose Petals from Terre Exotique

Embrace modern and original recipes! Use these rose petals for infusions, crystallized with sugar, or to flavor a jam.

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How to Use Rose Petals?

Their beautiful pink color makes them a surprising decorative flower and an original ingredient. Their delicate and enchanting fragrance will bring refinement and modernity to chocolate desserts, homemade creams, strawberry clafoutis, iced tea, macarons, sorbet, or fruit salads. You can also use these rose petals to flavor an herbal tea.

Recipe Ideas for Using Rose Petals

  • - Rose Petal Jam: Infuse rose petals in hot water, then use this infusion to make jam by adding sugar and a bit of lemon juice. The petals will give the jam a delicate and floral fragrance;
  • - Rose Petal Salad: Mix fresh rose petals with lettuce leaves, cucumber slices, some fruits like strawberries or raspberries, and nuts. Dress with a light vinaigrette made of honey, lemon juice, and olive oil;
  • - Rose Petal Syrup: Make a syrup by boiling rose petals with sugar and water. This syrup can be used to sweeten beverages like iced tea, cocktails, or to drizzle over desserts like crepes or pancakes;
  • - Rose Petal Macarons: Add finely ground or powdered rose petals to the macaron ganache for a floral flavor. Rose petals can also be used as a garnish or decoration on top of the macarons;
  • - Rose Petal Punch: Mix lime juice, rose petal syrup, sparkling water, and optional vodka or gin to create a refreshing and fragrant punch. Serve with ice cubes and floating rose petals for an elegant presentation;
  • - Rose Petal Ice Cream: Infuse rose petals in warm milk, then use this fragrant milk to make homemade ice cream. Add finely chopped or whole rose petals for subtle texture and flavor.

The Sweetness of Flower Petals

Rose petals are cherished for their delicate and floral aromas that evoke the sweetness and freshness of blooming gardens. Their subtle and captivating fragrance has slightly sweet and sometimes fruity notes, with nuances varying depending on the rose varieties. When used in cooking, rose petals add a unique aromatic dimension, enriching sweet and savory dishes with an elegant and romantic touch.

From Flower to Plate

Rose petals become edible thanks to their specific pesticide-free cultivation. Once handpicked, the petals are carefully cleaned to remove any unwanted residues and dried to preserve their fragrance. The drying process also helps to intensify their flavor.

More Information
More Information
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Native country PAKISTAN
Ingredients rose petal
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.