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Lampong black pepper, 1kg

Lampong black pepper is perfect for those who appreciate spicy and powerful peppers. Woody vegetable notes. Use Lampong black pepper to spice up a risotto, a fricassé of vegetables and mushrooms, grilled meat or fish.


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A powerful pepper !

Lampong black pepper is grown in the extreme south tip of Sumatra in Indonesia. It is picked and sorted by hand in the province of Lampong, between the Java sea on one side and the Indian ocean on the other. Strong tasting pepper lovers will enjoy its woody flavours and its powerful spiciness !

Simply crush lightly with a pestle and mortar to preserve its rich aroma.


Additional Information

Country Indonesia
Post Découvrez nos articles sur notre blog
Price/kg 47.5
Use By date 5 years
Allergen Allergen free
Ingredient Lampong black pepper
Storage conditions Keep at room temperature in a dry place
Nutritional info /
Aromatic footprint Balsamic, Empyreumatic, Fruity
Botanical genus and species Piper nigrum
Intensity scale Hot and Pungent (6/7)
Culture mod Cultivated, Introduced
Other names Sumatra pepper, Indonesian pepper, Lampong pepper
Color Black


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