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Vanilla powder

Vanilla powder

These vanilla pods grow in the undergrowth of the humid forests of the state of Veracruz, in Mexico, the birthplace of vanilla. With their fruity chocolatey notes they are perfect for all your baking and desserts.

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Madagascar vanilla powder has the same properties as the pods, but is easier to use and store! 


This vanilla powder is easy to use, with sweet and warm aromas and a true gem to have in your spice rack. You’ll only need a few pinches to flavour your desserts, butters and sauces for fish and shellfish.

Vanilla production is exclusively for patient and devoted souls

A truly precious orchid that grows deep in the tropical forest 

Vanilla comes from the Vanilla Planifolia orchid, which requires constant care and delicate attention. The white flower grows on the end of a creeper which uses trees as a stake, usually a mango tree or an avocado tree. It flowers for the first time 3 years after being planted; and then it takes another 8 months before the pod ripens for harvest.

How is Madagascar vanilla produced?

Vanilla requires meticulous and expert handling with lots of tender loving care. The vanilla plants are pollinated by hand. After the harvest, the pods are first scalded and sweated, then they are left out to dry in the sun for two weeks and flattened by hand. The next phase involves drying the pods in the shade for 8 months in crates to preserve their strong aromas. Last comes the grading, to determine the quality of each pod. At Terre Exotique, we only select “Gourmet” or “TK” quality pods depending on the production. 

Find all the familiar aromas of Bourbon vanilla in this delicious powder 


Vanilla powder is made from ground vanilla planifolia pods. Madagascar vanilla releases subtle warm aromas of milk chocolate. This mellow Bourbon vanilla will enchant you with its floral notes releasing roasted plant essences and hints of camphor.


Vanilla powder is made from lower grade pods that are dried then ground. Its aromas are slightly less powerful than vanilla pods but its super practical format means it is easy to store and use.

How to use vanilla powder in your recipes ?

Vanilla powder is ideal for your quick and easy recipes!

Entirely natural and easier to measure than vanilla extract, vanilla powder is perfect for your quick recipes. Unlike pods, it requires no preparation and is always “ready to use”! Sprinkle it on your fruit tarts and crumbles. You can also infuse it in milk or cream. You’ll only need a teaspoon of vanilla powder to flavour your fish sauces and cake mixtures.

A few gourmet ideas using Madagascar vanilla powder

Eclairs with vanilla cream and pecan nuts.
Impress your guests with this dessert worthy of the Great British Bake Off. Our little tip: add a pinch of vanilla powder to your icing as well as to the crème pâtissière. This grainy texture will add a stylish touch to your eclairs.

Pear, walnut and vanilla cake.
A quick and easy dessert perfect for indulging at afternoon tea. 

A festive recipe: lobster tails and vanilla sabayon.
Vanilla powder is the perfect companion for fish and shellfish! Boil the lobster tails in a large volume of water. To make the sabayon, mix the vanilla powder egg yolks, half a lemon, white wine and 10 cl of stock from the lobster tails. A sophisticated and unusual recipe for fine dining.

The history of vanilla is intertwined with civilizations

What is the history of Madagascar vanilla?

Vanilla originally came from Mexico, where the Aztecs used it to sweeten the bitterness of chocolate. This "black flower " was introduced by Cortès in 1521. Later, Louis XIV fell in love with it and decided to grow it on the Bourbon Isle, i.e. la Réunion

Expert hands still produce today’s vanilla

The creeper flowered but bore no fruit, as it needed to be pollinated by a wasp which only existed in Mexico. Nobody knew how to pollinate it… But in 1850, Edmond, a young slave on the Bourbon Isle, understood the process when he pierced and shook the flower. To thank him for this wonderful discovery he was set free. Once free, he took the name Albius referring to the white colour (alba) of the vanilla orchid. 

Today, the orchids are still pollinated by the expert hands of the local women. As the flowering only last a few days, these “matchmakers” are able to pollinate up to a thousand flowers a day. This meticulous process which is entirely done by hand explains why Madagascar vanilla is so precious. Now you know just how prized it is you’ll appreciate its rich aromas even more in all your recipes!

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