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Spangle chilli pepper

Spangle chilli pepper

French spangles chilli peppers

Discover these French spangles chilli peppers grown in the Brenne valley. Spangles chilli peppers look like small pears and release delicate very fruity flavours. They are ideal for making chilli sauces like sweet’n’sour sauce for example. Spangles chilli pepper scores 5/10 on the Scoville scale and is rated strong.

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Where to use spangles chilli pepper

Our recipe ideas for these spangles chilli peppers:

  • Sweet’n’sour chilli sauce: Start by chopping your garlic then add the ground chilli pepper and salt (check out our recipe on our blog here);
  • Butternut soup with coconut milk and chilli pepper: add ¼ teaspoon of spangles chilli pepper to your soup mix then blend;
  • Spicy hot chicken: add 1 teaspoon of spangles chilli pepper to your chicken before cooking;
  • Spicy hot mayonnaise: add a peck of spangles chilli pepper to your ingredients before whipping up your mayonnaise;
  • Hot chilli samosas : add ¼ teaspoon of spangles chilli pepper to your samosa filling before wrapping them up and frying them.

The fruity aromas of spangles chilli pepper

Spangles chilli pepper releases sweet and fruity notes ideal for making chilli sauces and marinades for poultry dishes.

How is spangles chilli pepper grown?

These spangles chilli peppers are grown in the Brenne Regional Natural Park.

Capsicum baccatum is part of the Solonaceae family.

In line with our approach to promote our French spice producers, we have chosen this French chilli which is produced in compliance with short food supply chain principles. Our partner is fully committed to producing the best quality goods with strict adherence to organic farming standards.

All the products are grown in compliance with agroforestry principles which promote biodiversity and reduce water evaporation.

The origin of chilli pepper

Chilli peppers originally came from Bolivia and then gradually spread all over South America and were brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus who discovered them in the New World.

In Mexico, the caves of Tehuacan and Tamaulipas contain traces that show that chilli peppers were used by mankind for cooking as far back as 7,000 years ago!

Nowadays there are more than 140 varieties of chilli peppers, of all different shapes, sizes, colours, and strengths.

More Information
More Information
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Native country France
Genus and botanical species Capsicum annum
Ingredients Spangle chilli pepper
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.