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Caribbean chili pepper

Caribbean chili pepper

French chilli pepper

Discover this French West Indies chilli pepper grown in the Brenne valley in mainland France. This West Indies chilli pepper is powerful with notes of dried fruit. It is fiercely hot with a score of 10/10 on the Scoville scale and is rated explosive.

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Where to use this West Indies chilli pepper

Our recipe ideas for this West Indies chilli pepper:

  • Hot chicken colombo: while cooking, add ¼ teaspoon of West Indies chilli pepper to the sauce then cover and leave to simmer for 1 hour (check out our recipe below);
  • West Indies chilli pepper paste: mix 2 teaspoons of West Indies chilli pepper with garlic, tomato concentrate, coriander, ginger, olive oil and an onion;
  • Sea bream ceviche with chilli pepper: mix ¼ teaspoon of West Indies chilli pepper with the juice of 6 limes. Pour this juice over your ceviche;
  • Chilli pepper stock: add ¼ teaspoon of West Indies chilli pepper to your stock;

Hot chicken colombo

Colombo is the West Indies curry. It is a spice blend similar to curry or massala but it is also a traditional Indian dish which is very popular in the French West Indies since the 19th century.

The powerful aromas of this West Indies chilli pepper

This Habanero or West Indies chilli pepper is super powerful and even scorching hot yet has a surprising scent of dried apricots. It will set you tastebuds on fire and spice up your dishes. Add it to chilli sauce, tomato sauce, stock or mayonnaise. Use sparingly!

Where does West Indies chilli pepper grow?

This West Indies chilli pepper also known as Habanero chilli or Goat chilli in La Reunion is grown in the Brenne Regional Natural Park in mainland France.

Capsicum Chinanse originated in Mexico and is an extremely hot chilli pepper, scoring 10/10 on the Scoville scale; literally explosive!

In line with our approach to promote our French spice producers, we have chosen this French chilli which is produced in compliance with short food supply chain principles. Our partner is fully committed to producing the best quality goods with strict adherence to organic farming standards.

All the products are grown in compliance with agroforestry principles which promote biodiversity and reduce water evaporation.

The history behind this West Indies chilli pepper

The West Indies chilli pepper is the oldest plant grown in America. For 9000 years, it has grown on the fertile soils of the gastronomic paradise of South America, next to vanilla and chocolate.

Christopher Columbus was the first to bring this spice back to Spain to Queen Isabella of Castile, but it was Magellan, on his heroic expedition around the world, who took this chilli pepper to the four corners of the planet.

Mexican cuisine was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010.

Emperor Montezuma was known to drink an energizing elixir made from cocoa, vanilla, spices and chilli pepper. Today, chilli pepper is still the main ingredient used in Mexican, African and Asian cuisine.

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More Information
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Native country France
Genus and botanical species Capsicum chinense
Ingredients caribbean chili pepper
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.