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The korarima pod (melegueta or grains of paradise) is an endemic Ethiopian spice. Once ground, the black seeds within the pod release fruity and balsamic aromas which will delight your braised beef or grilled red snapper.

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Price From: €22.00

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The korarima seeds are one of the treasures of Ethiopia !

The Venetians were truly bewitched by the spice which came down the nile by boat. They believed that the Garden of Eden was at the Source of the Nile. That's why it's called the "grain of paradise”. This endemic spice which comes from the Basketo region, in the Ethiopian highlands, is now grown in home gardens.

The fruits are harvested at maturity when the pod reddens at the foot of the plant. They are then cleaned using a sharp knife to swiftly remove dry remains at the top of the fruit, a process which the local farmers call "circumcision". Then the pod is left out to dry in the sun on bamboo racks. This keeps the freshness in the seeds. The pod needs to be cut deeply to extract the "grains of paradise".

Its intense aromas of resin and roast herbs will enchant chicken liver terrines, sweetbreads and lobster tails with a citrus sauce.

Best ground and used just before serving.


Additional Information

Country Ethiopia
Post No
Ingredient Korarima
Storage conditions Keep at room temperature in a dry place
Allergen Allergen free
Use By date 5 years
Nutritional info No
Botanical genus and species Aframomum corrorima
Other names Paradieskörner, Äthiopischer Kardamom, Ur-Kardamom, Falscher Kardamom
Culture mod Cultivated, Native, Spontaneous
Color Brown
Intensity scale Ardent and Intense (5/7)
Aromatic footprint Empyreumatic, Herbal, Vegetable


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