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Java long pepper
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Java long pepper

From Indonesia, this long pepper has an elongated shape and is also known as a catkin. Its hot and spicy flavour encompasses delicious notes of cinnamon, liquorice and aniseed. Grate it or crack it over lamb dishes, tomato sauce and your desserts! 

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Using Long Pepper in Cooking

Why not incorporate the very first pepper imported to Europe into your cuisine? Fragrant and potent, long pepper will enhance your dishes and elevate your cooking with its warm and fruity flavors.

How to Use Long Pepper

Here are some recipe ideas for using long pepper in your cooking:

. Shrimp and long pepper risotto: add 1 teaspoon of wild herb blend to your carrots while cooking;

· Vanilla and long pepper cream: while cooking your vanilla cream, crush 2 spikes of long pepper with a mortar and pestle then add them to the cream;

· Chocolate cake with long pepper: grate one and a half long pepper spikes into your cake batter;

· Honey-roasted melon with long pepper: once your melon slices are roasted, sprinkle ½ teaspoon of crushed long pepper;

· Red fruit jam with long pepper: during the cooking of your fruits, add ½ teaspoon of ground long pepper from the mortar.

Find the recipe for peach-coconut tart with Java long pepper here

Spicy and Aniseed Notes

Its astonishing aromas of licorice, anise, and cinnamon offset its warm and spicy flavor. This Java long pepper will be perfect with delicate meats like lamb, tomato sauce, or a creamy dessert. We recommend crushing it with a mortar and pestle or grating it like nutmeg. You can also pre-crush it before putting it in a pepper mill.

What is Long Pepper?

Long pepper is one of the first spices to have reached Europe. It is indeed from its Sanskrit name "pippali" that the English term "pepper" and the French term "poivre" originate. Originally from northeastern India, on the foothills of the Himalayas, long pepper still grows wild there.

The botanical name of Java long pepper is Piper retrofactum. Belonging to the Piper genus, like the "classic" round pepper from the mill, it also grows on a vine. The part of the plant that we consume as a spice is actually its infructescence, that is to say, the set of fruits resulting from the development of the compact inflorescence of Piper retrofactum.

The History of Long Pepper

This pepper was used as pipes, small flutes, during antiquity. Fruit of a vine native to India, long pepper grows wild in the Himalayas. Fairly unknown in the West, this pepper was, however, the very first to be imported to Europe! Its trace is found in Greek and Roman writings from antiquity.

In India, this pepper is used to treat asthma, but also to increase female libido, but not only that! Long pepper is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

In Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine based on the balance of the five elements and the 6 tastes, long pepper represents a longevity enhancer.

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More Information
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Native country INDONESIE
Ingredients long pepper
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