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Japanese rice for bento "Koshi Ibuki", 300 g
Japanese rice for bento

Japanese rice for bento "Koshi Ibuki", 300 g

Discover the Special Japanese Bento Rice 'Koshi Ibuki'

Immerse yourself in the essence of Japanese cuisine with the tender texture and subtly sweet taste of Koshi Ibuki rice.

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How to Use the Special Bento Rice in Cooking?

With its slightly sticky and especially soft texture, Koshi Ibuki rice is suitable for a variety of recipes. It can be enjoyed both cold and hot as its grains don't harden, making it a must-have for preparing bentos.

Some Usage Tips for Koshi Ibuki Rice from Umami

Rinse the rice several times and let it drain. Transfer it to a rice cooker and add water, 1.2 times its volume. If using a pot, cover and cook on low heat. Turn off the heat 3-5 minutes after boiling starts, ensuring no residual water. If needed, continue cooking. Once cooked, keep the rice covered and warm for 10 minutes. Plan for a 150g dry rice serving for two people.

Some Suggestions for Using Umami's Koshi Ibuki Rice

  • - Bibimbap with Marinated Chicken and Shiitakes: Once your rice is cooked, rehydrate shiitakes for 30 minutes. Marinate the chicken and prepare the vegetables. Sauté the marinated chicken and then arrange with rice at the bottom of a bowl, adding the remaining toppings on top.
  • - Japanese Bento with Teriyaki Chicken: Prepare your seasoned Koshi Ibuki rice with rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. Cook chicken pieces in teriyaki sauce. Prepare the vegetables and enjoy once everything has cooled.
  • - Nigiri Sushi: Once your rice is ready, prepare the seasoning by heating 3 tablespoons of rice vinegar, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and 1 teaspoon of salt. Let it cool. Mix the rice with the seasoning, wet your hands, and shape small rice ovals. Place raw fish slices on top and serve with soy sauce and wasabi.

The Aromas of Umami's Koshi Ibuki Rice

What sets it apart from other rice is its subtle and delicate aroma, and its soft texture that pairs perfectly with any dry or sauce-based accompaniment. It absorbs the flavors of its pairings, allowing it to blend seamlessly with a variety of dishes without overpowering other tastes.

Oryza Sativa: The Asian Rice

Koshi Ibuki rice is a variety of rice native to Japan, belonging to the Poaceae family. This annual plant thrives in wet and flooded areas.

Back to Japanese Origins

Koshi Ibuki rice hails from Niigata, a region in northern Japan. It's one of the most sought-after varieties in Japan. This rice stands out from others as it becomes slightly sticky after cooking, which is why it's often used for bentos and sushi preparations.

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More Information
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Native country JAPON
Ingredients rice 100%