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Peppermint essential oil, 10ml
Peppermint essential oil, 10ml

Peppermint essential oil, 10ml

As well as being 100% natural, essential oils are wonderfully versatile in cooking. Peppermint and chocolate make the perfect couple: add to chocolate mousse (2 drops in melted chocolate) or with a cordial for a summer drink (2 drops).


These oils are obtained by distillation, in an alembic. The water used in the distillation process turns into steam at 95° then condenses with the essential oil settling on the surface and the hydrolat underneath.

These oils offer a new take on their aromas, releasing a very intense flavour, without the inconvenience of having pieces of spices in your dish.

Essential oils offer a whole new aromatic experience, so different from using the plant in its natural state. Easy to use and intensely concentrated aromas mean 1-2 drops are enough to enhance any recipe …

For easier culinary use, our essential oil has been mixed with sunflower oil. Very easy to use, just add 2 to 3 drops to your recipes:

vinaigrettes, sauces, marinades, ice-creams, creams, yoghurts...

More Information
More Information
Shelf life 3 years
Ingredient Organic sunflower oil 90%., peppermint essential oil 10%.
Nutritional info /
Organic Agriculture UE / NON UE
Native country FRANCE
Genus and botanical species Mentha piperita