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Harissa (hot chili sauce), 85g

A very spicy Tunisian condiment, for those who like it hot!

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The Tunisian spice mix.

Tunisia is the cradle of the most prestigious civilisations and the main monotheistic religions, the crossroads of the civilisations who have shaped its culture over the centuries.

Harissa comes from the Arabic “harasa” which means "crush"or "grind". This paste is an essential ingredient of Tunisian cuisine. It is made from ground sun dried chilli peppers mixed with cumin, coriander, garlic and salt ...

In Metlaoui, it is traditionally eaten on bread with olive oil, or served with couscous, tagines and steamed fish.


Additional Information

Country France
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Allergen Allergen free
Storage conditions Store in a dry place, away from light
Use By date 2 years
Ingredient Red pepper (33%), tomato, sunflower oil, olive oil, garlic, salt, spices (4%, including cumin and coriander)
Nutritional info Nutritional values: Lipids: 23 g, Proteins: 8.5 g, Salt: 3.3 g
Price/kg 78.82


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