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Halen Mon smoked flakes, Anglesey island, 500 g

Halen Mon smoked flakes, Anglesey island, 500 g

These sea salt flakes are very salty and will liven up all your dishes. A pinch is enough to take you to the depths of the deep blue sea ! 

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With a little know-how, a lot of research, trials and passion, a couple of indomitable Welshmen succeeded in transforming sea water from the Isle of Anglesey into a product of excellence that the greatest chefs, with Ferran Adria at the head, can no longer 
do without.

The Michelin Guide named Halen Môn salt one of the 
world’s 5 best gastronomical products.

It is guaranteed to be 100% additive-free and is entirely 
harvested by hand.

Crunchy, delicate, pure, and translucent, these flaky crystals are 
harvested with the greatest care thanks to a high technology system that preserves the trace elements and the 

The cold waters of the North Atlantic first pass through two natural filters, a sandbank, and a mussel bed before being transported by pipelines into large heated tanks.
- The water evaporates slowly, and is transformed into salt brine.
- When the salt concentration is very high, the water is poured into shallow tanks so that it crystallizes.
- The crystals are then harvested by hand and rinsed in water until
 they shine.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 118
Shelf life 10 years
Ingredient Seal salt, wood smoke
Nutritional info /
Native country ROYAUME UNI
Ingredients 1 Halen Mon smoked flakes from Anglesey island

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