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Ground voatsiperifery pepper,500g
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Ground voatsiperifery pepper,500g

Discover ground Voatsiperifery pepper, 500g

In the heart of the Malagasy forests, Voatsiperifery pepper vines can reach up to 30m high! Rare, unprecedented, and addictive with woody, flowery notes, and a hint of citrus freshness...
Perfect pairing: with chocolate!


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How to use ground Voatsiperifery pepper in cooking?

Undoubtedly, chocolate and Voatsiperifery pepper harmonize perfectly to strike a chord. In a velvety chocolate, it's pure bliss. On a chocolate fondant, it makes taste buds dance.

Some recipe ideas to use ground Voatsiperifery pepper

  • - Grilled salmon with ground Voatsiperifery pepper: coat salmon fillets with crushed ground Voatsiperifery pepper before grilling or baking. Serve with a lemon and dill sauce;
  • - Pan-seared seafood with ground Voatsiperifery pepper: season shrimp, scallops, or calamari with ground Voatsiperifery pepper and quickly sauté them in a pan with garlic, butter, and lemon;
  • - Roast chicken with ground Voatsiperifery pepper: season a whole chicken with ground Voatsiperifery pepper, salt, and herbs. Roast in the oven for a crispy skin and deep flavors;
  • - Butternut squash soup with ground Voatsiperifery pepper: add a pinch of ground Voatsiperifery pepper to a creamy butternut squash soup for a subtle and spicy flavor;
  • - Steak with ground Voatsiperifery pepper: season steaks with crushed ground Voatsiperifery pepper before grilling or pan-searing. Serve with a creamy pepper sauce;
  • - Ice cream with ground Voatsiperifery pepper: add a subtle spicy note to homemade ice cream by incorporating ground Voatsiperifery pepper into the base.

What are the flavors of ground Voatsiperifery pepper?

Piper borbonense is more fragrant and spicier than Piper nigrum pepper. Its incisive, persistent, very fresh taste and its aromas of flowers, wood, and citrus are truly exceptional.

Where does Voatsiperifery pepper grow?

Voatsiperifery pepper grows wild in the tropical rainforest of southeastern Madagascar. Its difficult harvesting is dangerous: the vine climbs up to 30m high, and the fruits rise to the sun in the canopy. This "wild pepper" only fruits on young shoots.

...Easier to eat than to say!

Originating from Madagascar, its name comes from Malagasy, with "voa" meaning fruit and "tsiperifery" referring to the plant. The harvesting of this exceptionally rare pepper is exclusively done by hand from June to August, involving Malagasy village communities. It takes 5 kg of fresh berries to obtain 1 kg of dried pepper.

Unknown in France just ten years ago and imported only recently, this rare and prodigious pepper has made a resounding entrance into the world of gastronomy. It quickly became the darling of chefs.

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More Information
Price/kg 127,5
Allergen Absence
Native country MADAGASCAR
Ingredients voatsiperifery pepper
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