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Green curry paste

Green curry paste

How to use Thai green curry paste in your dishes?

Thai green curry is a signature dish of Asian cuisine. The Thai green curry paste is flavorful, brilliantly blending chili, spices, and aromatic herbs. Easy to use, it pairs well with meats, fish, and vegetables.

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How to Use Thai Green Curry Paste in Your Dishes?

Thai green curry paste perfectly complements dishes such as coconut chicken, cod, vegetable stir-fries, and beef strips.

How to Incorporate Thai Green Curry Paste?

Here are some recipe ideas to integrate the green curry into your meals:

  • Vegetable and Tofu Green Curry: Sauté tofu, zucchini, and snap peas in Thai green curry paste. Add coconut milk and serve over rice.
  • Shrimp and Pineapple Green Curry: Sauté shrimp with pineapple chunks in green curry paste. Add some coconut milk for a creamy touch. Serve over basmati rice for an exotic meal.
  • Green Curry Fish: Cook fish (like salmon or tilapia) in Thai green curry paste with vegetables (broccoli, carrots). Add coconut milk and serve with rice or quinoa.

The Aromas of Thai Green Curry Paste

This Thai green curry paste is characterized by the flavors of lemongrass, ginger, and chili, giving it a fresh and slightly spicy taste.

Thai Green Curry Paste by Terre Exotique

How Is Curry Produced?

When discussing curry, it's vital to distinguish the various meanings of the term. Curry is a simmered sauce dish with spices. Curry powder is a blend of ground spices used to flavor dishes. In India, the term "masala," meaning "mixture" in Hindi, is preferred over curry. Curry paste combines spices with a fat base (sesame or peanut oil) and fresh aromatic condiments. Lastly, the curry leaf, from the curry tree (Murraya koenigii), is also used in cooking, similar to bay leaf in Western cuisine.

Green Curry and Thailand

Green curry is of Thai origin. Formerly known as the Kingdom of Siam until the early 20th century, Thailand was never colonized and thus preserved its culinary traditions. Thai green curry and its recipe were developed using ingredients found in Thai gardens to provide a spicy touch to dishes. Today, green curry remains a staple in Thai cuisine and is a traditional dish of the country.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 78,82
Allergen Sulfites / Sulphites
Native country France
Genus and botanical species Traces éventuelles:poisson,crustacé,mollusque,céleri,oeuf,lait,gluten
Ingredients green bell pepper (Spain/Portugal), sunflower oil, onion, lemongrass,
shallot, coriander, garlic, spirit vinegar, lemon juice, ginger
(SULPHITES),cumin, green Jalapeno pepper, combava, lime, salt,pepper.
Nutritional Info VN Energie pour 100 g (energy for 100g) : 958 kJ / 232 kcal
VN Matière grasse (fat) : 20 g
Dont acide gras saturés (of which saturated fat) : 20 g
VN Glucides (carbohydrate) : 19 g
Dont sucres (of which sugars) : 1.9 g
VN Protéines (protein) : 2.3 g
Vn Sel (salt) : 1 g
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.