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Grains of Peace

The Cameroonian Aframomum !
In Loum, the traders call it "Jujube". It grows at the foot of the Ekom falls.The Bamileke people hand out jujube seeds as a sign of peace.
Its notes of liquorice and mandarin will enliven a citrus fruit salad. Lightly crush the seeds to bring a splendid crunch to a chocolate cake.

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The grain of sharing and friendship !

The grain of peace has light fruity and floral notes. Its liquorice and mandarin flavours will delight your tastebuds!

Cameroonians eat them all day long like sweets. They always have some on them, in their shirt pockets, like a lucky charm to be shared with friends. The Bamileke people use them during their royal inaugurations and other ceremonies for the nobility, as weel as during protection and blessing rites.

Simply crush lightly with a pestle and mortar !


Additional Information

Country Cameroon
Post N/A
Ingredient Grains of peace
Storage conditions Keep at room temperature in a dry place
Allergen Allergen free
Use By date 5 years
Nutritional info N/A
Botanical genus and species Aframomum sp.
Other names Jujube
Culture mod Native, Spontaneous, Wild
Color Brown
Intensity scale Sweet and Supple (1/7)
Aromatic footprint Empyreumatic, Floral, Vegetable


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