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Gift box A Journey Through The Land of Peppers no. 4

This gift box includes four grand cru peppers (Black Tellicherry pepper, Red long pepper, Sansho Berry, Korarima Pod) and a booklet entitled "A Journey Through The Land of Peppers".


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This gift box is the fruit of our botanical, ethnological and gastronomic research into the world of pepper. You'll discover new recipes, aromatic scales (RAPTE) and intensity scales (TEPIS SCALE) for the peppers.

Sansho Berry, 10g, Japan, Zanthoxylum piperitum.
Red long pepper, 10g, Cambodia, Piper longum.
Korarima pod, 10g, Ethiopia, Aframomum corrorima.
Black Tellicherry pepper, 20g, India, Piper nigrum.

What is pepper after all?

Ethnological origins: historically, pepper is a spice which is ground and used in cooking to add a spicy touch. Simply grind it with a pestle and mortar.

Botanical origins: according to the classification devised by the swedish naturalist Carl Von Liné in the 17th century, pepper comes from the botanical genus "Piper".

These two approaches complement each other.

What an amazing family ! What a vast diversity !

Would you get mixed up between tomatoes and courgettes?


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