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Galangal root, 250 g
Galangal root, 250 g

Galangal root, 250 g

It's slightly spicy flavour is somewhat like ginger. When ground, its brown spicy powder is full of flavour releasing of cinnamon, rose and camphor.

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Galangal is the rhizome from the perennial tropical plant Alpinia galanga. Galangal comes from the Arabic "Khalanjan" which means "mild ginger" This rhizome comes from the same botanical family (Zingiberaceae) as black cardamom, turmeric , Ethiopian Korarima and ginger. It is widely used in Thaï cuisine to flavour soups and vegetables and to enhance curry pastes.

Galangal releases mild spicy flavours of camphor and citrus fruits.

When ground, Galangal will enhance chicken dishes, prawn soup with coconut milk, vegetable stock and King prawn skewers.

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More Information
Shelf life 5 years
Ingredient Galangal root
Nutritional info /
Native country INDE