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French tomato ketchup

French tomato ketchup

The Authentic Tomato Flavor in Maison Martin Ketchup

Maison Martin invites you to discover the hidden delights of ketchup through their artisanal recipe, sure to make you completely addicted!

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How to enjoy Maison Martin Ketchup?

On your fries or grilled dishes during your barbecue gatherings, on your steaks or burgers during your evenings with friends, or simply on your rice or pasta for the delight of both young and old, Maison Martin Ketchup is ideal for accompanying all your meals!

Some recipe ideas for using Maison Martin Ketchup

  • - Homemade Burgers: Use Maison Martin Ketchup as a condiment for your homemade burgers. Spread it on the bread before adding the grilled meat, vegetables, and cheeses of your choice;
  • - Barbecue Chicken: In a small container, mix Maison Martin Ketchup with honey, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and spices for a tasty sauce to baste on grilled chicken;
  • - Roasted Potatoes: Use Maison Martin Ketchup as a dip for crispy roasted potatoes;
  • - Cocktail Sauce: Mix Maison Martin Ketchup with hot sauce, lemon juice, horseradish, and a dash of Worcestershire for a spicy and flavorful sauce;
  • - Pizza: Spread ketchup on pizza dough for a flavorful base, and add your favorite toppings;
  • - Scrambled Eggs: Mix Maison Martin Ketchup with your scrambled eggs to give them a sweet and tangy taste. An original way to enhance your breakfast eggs.

The taste of genuine ketchup

Made from carefully selected tomatoes grown using organic methods, this condiment exudes rich and flavorful notes of ripe tomato, accentuated by a subtle blend of aromatic spices. These ingredients give it a balanced flavor, slightly sweet with a characteristic touch of acidity.

Artisanal craftsmanship

Maison Martin, a reference in the field of artisanal and natural hot sauces, is proud to prepare its delights in France, in their family workshop. Crafted from fresh and seasonal peppers, cultivated in France, these sauces offer a gastronomic and local alternative to classic American and Asian ones.

Exceptional French hot sauces

The brand takes pride in selecting peppers at their full maturity, then fermenting them in barrels, following a method reminiscent of wine production. After meticulous maturation over several months, the pepper purees are then carefully prepared by their chefs before being bottled. Maison Martin prioritizes an eco-friendly approach by hand-stemming the peppers, reducing them to puree, fermenting them, and storing them in barrels in their cellar without relying on fossil energy. This attention to detail is reflected in each bottle, where the rich and subtle aromas of French peppers grown in sustainable agriculture enhance the flavors. The entire manufacturing and bottling process is meticulously carried out between Yvelines and Loir-et-Cher, ensuring an authentic and high-quality product to be enjoyed all year round.

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