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Fleur de sel with lime zest

Fleur de sel with lime zest

Discover the fleur de sel with lime zest

The fleur de sel with lime zest from Terre Exotique will enhance fish, shellfish, mayonnaises, and will bring a touch of elegance to your avocado salads. Let yourself be seduced by this delicate and enchanting blend with notes of citrus and freshness!

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In which dishes should you use fleur de sel with lime zest?

This combination, both fresh and delicate, will perfume your dishes and bring a touch of zing.

Some suggestions for using fleur de sel with lime zest

Fleur de sel with lime zest will find its place in your desserts, grilled meats, sauces, and salads. With a fish dish, on prawns, with a shrimp and avocado salad, or with fresh grapefruit, fleur de sel with lime zest will do wonders. You can also add a few pinches to an Asian preparation, a chicken tagine, shortbread pastry for a lemon meringue pie, or with raw vegetables. Prefer to add this blend as a final touch, after cooking, to preserve all its aromas during tasting.

The fresh and tangy aromas of fleur de sel with lime zest

This harmonious blend of fleur de sel and lime zest releases notes of citrus and freshness. Slightly tangy, it will bring a touch of originality and exoticism to your cooking and delight your taste buds!

Terre Exotique's fleur de sel with lime zest

Fleur de sel, nectar of the salt marshes

The fleur de sel crystals that make up this blend are more delicate than the crystals of coarse salt. The light and fine texture of Ifaty's fleur de sel allows it to blend better into foods and dissolve more quickly. The fleur de sel from the Malagasy salt pans is the fruit of delicate artisanal work and ideal climatic conditions. It is on the surface of the basins that this thin layer of white crystals forms, during the evaporation of water, under the combined action of the sun and the wind.

Focus on the botany of lime

Originating from Asia, lime is the fruit of the lime tree and is part of the Rutaceae family. This citrus thrives in tropical climates and is now developing in the Mediterranean basin and the West Indies. Despite some similarities and a close name, lemon and lime are two distinct citrus fruits.

A bit of history

The origins of Madagascar's fleur de sel

Madagascar is home to the island of Ifaty, whose salt pans remain free from any pollution. This fleur de sel has always been harvested by the Vezo, an ethnic group that originally lived from fishing. When the island's marine resources gradually diminished, they began to harvest Ifaty's fleur de sel. This harvest requires a lot of delicacy and a know-how that only they possess.

On the trail of lime

The history and origins of lime are quite mysterious. It is believed that the cultivation of lime was probably established in Europe by the Arabs around the 16th century. It was then that it was also introduced into the Caribbean. Today, lime is highly appreciated for its flavor and is a very popular citrus fruit in cuisines around the world.

More Information
More Information
Allergen Absence
Native country MADAGASCAR
Ingredients fleur de sel, zest of lime (3.8%).
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.