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Fleur de sel with seaweeds, 90 g

A wonderful sea flavoured mix for your fish, soups and Asian-style stocks. Perfect for adding a salty hint to your vegetables and pastry.


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Mix of flowers in salad

Mix of flowers in salad

Sea Salad

Sea Salad

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Seaweed and algae are a culinary delight, a festival of flavours and aromas which will brighten up all your dishes. Seaweed is are renowned for its stimulating, tonic and revitalising properties. It is low in calories and is highly recommended for diets as it eases digestion. Seaweed and algae are increasingly popular with the rising trend of Asian cuisine. This mix of fleur de sel from Ifaty and seaweed will enchant your chocolate desserts, Japanese salads, butters, rice and fish dishes and pan-fried vegetables.


Additional Information

Country Madagascar
Post Découvrez nos articles sur notre blog
Storage conditions Keep at room temperature in a dry place.
Allergen Allergen free
Use By date 5 years
Ingredient Fleur de sel, dulse, sea lettuce, nori (seaweeds blend)
Nutritional info /
Price/kg 90
Color Green


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