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How is my order confirmed?

When you validate your order, you will receive an automatic email confirming your order at the email address you gave when you created your account.


What type of packaging does Terre Exotique use?

Terre Exotique uses several types of recyclable packaging which are adapted to our different products.

On every product page on our online shop, you can choose the type of “packaging” (tubes, tins, or loose in a sachet, …).



Where can I find Terre Exotique products?

On our online shop:


In our boutique:

Terre Exotique Galerie

60 Quai de la Loire
37210, Rochecorbon


In our partner delicatessens, to find out the closest one to you, contact us using our contact form:


In our affiliated delicatessens:

Palais des Epices Dinan

15 Rue de la Mittrie,

22100 Dinan


Palais des Epices

Les Halles de Tours

Place Gaston Paillhou

37000 Tours


Palais des Epices Saint Malo

52 Rue ville Pépin

35400 Saint-Malo


Can I choose a delivery address different to my billing address?

Yes, you can choose to have your order delivered to any address. A specific box for your “delivery address” is available when you create your account or place your order.

By default, this box will be ticked to be the “same address as your billing address”.


Can I send a gift with a personal message?

Unfortunately, we cannot add a personal message to your order.

However, you can send a gift voucher of any amount and add a personal message in a gift card. To purchase your gift voucher:


Can I send my parcel as a gift to a delivery address different to my billing address?

Yes of course and we’ll make sure that there are no prices on the delivery slip.


I am having technical problems, I can’t place or validate my order.

Please send us an email explaining your problem. It will help us if you can tell us:

  • Which browser you use (Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google chrome, …)
  • Which operating system you use (Windows or Mac)
  • and send us a screenshot if possible.





Are payments made on secure?

Our website uses the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layers) and guarantees that your sensitive data is secured during online banking transactions.

The SSL protocol automatically controls the validity of the access rights at the time of payment and encrypts all exchanges to ensure total confidentiality. This means that the encryption makes sure your banking references are not visible on our online shop.


How can I pay on

You can pay using Paypal, credit card, American Express on our online shop and by cheque.






What are the delivery charges?

The delivery charges in Mainland France are those applicable and displayed on the day the order is placed.

In the event of delivery outside Mainland France as you are importing the goods you are responsible for paying all customs duties or other such charges due when the goods arrive.

The transport and delivery charges vary depending on the amount of the order and the geographic zone as set out on at “7. Delivery and delivery charges”.


How long will my order take?

Shipping and delivery times


1. What are the shipping times?

Terre Exotique strives to ship your order within 48 working hours from Monday to Friday.



2. What are the delivery times?

Deliveries are made by the So Colissimo service of the French Post Office to your home with or without signature and to pick-up points (post office or merchant).

• To Mainland France and Monaco: 48 hours or 2 working days.

• For international destinations: 5 to 8 days for more information, please consult this international delivery calculator (

The French Post Office does its utmost to respect these delivery times.

However, an incident beyond our control may cause a delay, for example in the event of exceptional bad weather or an incident related to the shipment (illegible or incomplete address, etc.) Delivery times are indicative.

For pick-up point deliveries you have 10 working days from the arrival of your package at the pick-up point to come and collect it.

After this time, it will be returned to sender.

Please note that the risks of loss and damage to the products are transferred to you upon delivery.


What happens if I’m out when the delivery arrives?

In Mainland France, if you are out at the time of delivery, the deliverer will leave you a delivery notice indicating which post office you can go to to retrieve your parcel. Depending on your town, it is possible that the deliverer may try to deliver one more time.

Your parcel will remain at the post office for 15 days, after which it will be returned to sender.

NB: If you have your parcel delivered to a pick-up point, you have 10 working days to retrieve your parcel.


What happens if my delivery does not correspond to my order, if I have a complaint or a dispute arises?

When you receive your parcel, you must check the number of products and their condition.

If a product(s) is damaged, missing, contested and/or does not correspond to your order you must notify the carrier and the delivery service thereof and contact us within 7 days from the delivery date of your parcel, making sure that you send us a copy of all invoices and the signed delivery note - to: together with your order number and giving us a brief description of your complaint. Please send us photos if possible.

Our customer service will get back to you as soon as possible, offering a replacement or a refund.



How can I create my account?

To access all our services and place your order, you will need to create a customer account on our online shop

Case no.1

Go to “my account”  (create an account), by clicking on the icon on the top right hand corner of our online shop.

On:, fill in all the required information (in the boxes “personal information” and “login information”), make sure to fill in the captcha and to confirm by clicking on the “confirm” button.


Case no.2

You can also start shopping and then create your account when you reach the validation of your order.

How can I update my account information (delivery address, email, mobile phone number, …)?

You can modify your account information at any time in “Account dashboard” and “account information”, in our online shop.

Your account dashboard will show you:

  1. Your recent orders, to view at a glance or reorder
  2. Your contact information e.g. email address and you can also change your password
  3. Your newsletters and how to manage them
  4. Your delivery and billing addresses and how to manage them


How can I change my password?

If you want to change your password go to My account> Account dashboard, in our online shop.

In “contact information”, click on “change my password”.


I’ve lost my password. How can I create a new password?

If you have a Terre Exotique account and you’ve lost your password:

1>   Click on the “Login” icon at the top right hand corner of the online shop

2>   In “Login” click on “Forgotten my password” 

3>   Fill in your email address and the numbers/letters in the captcha then confirm

4>   You will receive an email to reinitialize your password


How do I get offers and information from Terre Exotique?

If you want to receive the Terre Exotique newsletters, and be kept up to date on the latest news about our peppers and spices, and our special offers all you need to do is:

  • Fill in your email address in the box under “Get our newsletter” at the bottom of the page:
  • or
  • Go to My account > Account dashboard > Newsletter and click on “Edit”.


What about my data protection?

In accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL (Commission National Informatique et Liberté - French Data Protection Authority) you have the right to access, rectify and delete data that concerns you.

The attention of the user is drawn to the fact that Terre Exotique may transfer non personal data to an Authorised external website (Google,), via the use of cookies set on your machine to collect and analyse user browsing data. These Authorised external websites collect and analyse browsing data of users of in compliance with the French law on Information Technology, Data Files and Civil Liberty (Loi Informatique et Libertés) of August 6th 2004.




As a loyal customer of Terre Exotique do I get any benefits?

Terre Exotique takes special care of its customers from your very first order:

  • When you order €40 or more of our products, we will also send you a gift which you may choose from a selection offered when you confirm your order.
  • When you order €60 or more of our products, delivery charges are free.






What can I buy on Terre Exotique’s online shop?

Where do your products come from?

At Terre Exotique we have more than 500 products available on our online shop, offering a wide range of spices, rare peppers, salts and natural or flavoured sugars, plus spice mixes and powders.

Our products come from all around the world and each product page gives a description of the product and its origin.

Terre Exotique offers several types of packaging, metal tins or loose in a sachet depending on the weight.



I can’t find the product I want to order. Is it still available?

To search up one of our products, use the search box at the top right hand corner of our online shop.

If you can’t find the product that means the article is either momentarily unavailable or sold out (Terre Exotique respects the biodynamics* of its supply chains).

(*): respecting nature's rhythm



Can I order some samples?

Unfortunately, Terre Exotique does not sell or give away samples.



Are all Terre Exotique products organic?

Our suppliers are either certified organic or are in the process of certification. Indeed, at Terre Exotique we encourage and accompany all our suppliers in their move towards organic farming and we only choose producers who comply with good agricultural practices.

We certify that the none of our products nor any of their ingredients contain GMO and have not been subject to any ionising treatment.

When the products are certified, an organic logo is visible on the labels, and is also specified on the product page on our online shop.






Are there allergens in Terre Exotique products?

If there are allergens they are indicated on:

1/ The product page on our online shop, in “find out more” in the table “additional information”> “allergens”.


2/ On the labels of all Terre Exotique packaging.



I have just bought some pepper, how do I use it?

To discover the secrets of all our peppers and how to use them, visit our blog and check out our tasting guides:


For piper nigrum:


For zanthoxylum:


For other types of piper:


For other berries that are neither Piper nor Zanthoxylum:




I want to find out more about pepper. Does Terre Exotique offer a course for discovering peppers? 

If you want to become a connoisseur of the world’s finest peppers, identify where they come from and their aromas, you can book your place on one of our courses prepared by our pepper specialists.

To find out more, visit our Pepper Academy website.





Since we launched Terre Exotique in 1998 our daily work means promoting the values we hold dear.

We guarantee a long-term commitment to these values as follows:

Commitment n°1: Accompanying development projects

Commitment n°2: Traceability and sustainable short distribution chains

Commitment n°3: High standards on organoleptic quality

Commitment n°4: Guiding our partners towards healthy sustainable farming

Commitment n°5: Protecting biodiversity

Commitment n°6: Promoting cultural specificities and local heritage

Commitment n°7: Respecting Human Rights

Commitment n°8: Fair trade relationships

Commitment n°9: Reduce our environmental impact

Commitment n°10: Exclusively use maritime upstream transport


Find all our commitments here: