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Vintage sardines
Vintage sardines

Vintage sardines

The fishermen landed the sardines in the port of Concarneau. Each box, pictured fishing scene and distributed in limited edition, contains the first seasonal sardines.

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A tradition of quality for over 60 years

Conserverie Gonidec, a renowned company in the seafood industry for over 60 years. It offers a varied range of sardines, mackerel, tuna and cod liver caught using the bolinche method, a sustainable fishing method. The fish are then hand canned with olive oil and organic ingredients, offering unparalleled quality.

The treasure trove of marine delights

Vintage sardines are a treasure trove of marine delights. Aged in olive oil for an extended period of time, these sardines develop complex and nuanced flavours. Each bite reveals a melt-in-the-mouth texture and a symphony of flavours, with delicate notes of the sea and a subtle richness from the olive oil. Each can of vintage sardines is a testament to Gonidec's expertise, offering an exceptional taste experience to savour.

Enjoy their refined subtlety

Vintage sardines are exceptional sardines that deserve to be savoured simply to appreciate their subtle and refined flavour. Serve them on blinis with a light lemon cream sauce for an elegant aperitif. You can also incorporate them into quiche, tartlet or pâté preparations for a touch of sophistication.

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More Information
Price/kg 58,69
Allergen Poisson
Native country FRANCE