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Aleppo bread, 100 g

Aleppo bread, 100 g

Gentle and hypoallergenic, this genuine mini-sized Aleppo soap is rich in trace elements and antioxidants. It is a must-have for your travel kit and guest rooms. You can apply it directly to the moist skin of your body and/or face.

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The Aleppo Soap, crafted using an ancient multi-millennial method

This high-quality soap is made using a multi-millennial production method preserved by the master soapmakers of Aleppo, who are its last custodians. It is formulated with a combination of olive oil and laurel oil, carefully cooked in a cauldron. This soap is made once a year, following the harvest of olives and bay laurel berries. It then undergoes a 9-month drying process before being made available.

How to use the 100% naturally sourced Aleppo Soap?

This authentic hammam soap is ideal for daily use on all skin types. It is also suitable for washing and treating delicate textiles.

If you desire a more abundant lather, you can use a glove. After use, rinse thoroughly and avoid any contact with the eyes.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 0
Allergen Absence
Native country SYRIE
Ingredients olive oil, water, laurel oil, sodium hydroxide.
issues de la saponification.