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ARIAKE, Vegetables Miso soup, 3 sachets
ARIAKE, Vegetables Miso soup, 3 sachets

ARIAKE, Vegetables Miso soup, 3 sachets

A Miso Soup to Take Everywhere

At last, a 100% natural vegetable-flavored Miso soup to enjoy anywhere, anytime!

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What's in the Miso & Vegetables Soup Box?

This product consists of three individual sachets, each containing dehydrated Miso & Vegetables soup. Each sachet holds 11 grams of dehydrated Miso, precisely measured to ensure optimal flavor and consistency. Using one sachet, you can easily prepare 200 milliliters of Miso & Vegetables soup.

How to Use the Miso & Vegetables Soup?

Place the contents of the sachet into a bowl. Then add 200 ml of boiling water and stir well. Allow it to rest for a minute before enjoying.

What is Miso Soup?

Miso, a central ingredient in this soup, is a fermented soybean paste highly valued in Japanese cuisine for its rich and complex umami taste. When dehydrated, Miso retains its flavor qualities while offering convenience in use. Once rehydrated, it regains its distinctive texture and aroma, forming the soup's base.

The vegetables included in each sachet are also dehydrated, preserving their nutrients and flavors until use. Rehydrating these vegetables brings back a pleasing texture and fresh taste, complementing the Miso base harmoniously.

This product is ideal for those looking for a quick and healthy meal option. It's perfect for a quick lunch, a snack, or even as a base for more elaborate recipes. Its ease of preparation also makes it practical for situations where time or cooking resources are limited, like at the office or while traveling.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 186,11
Native country FRANCE
Ingredients Miso (87%) (eau, fèves de soja, riz, sel), légumes (8%)
(petit pois, champignon, carotte), extrait de levure,
jus de cuisson de champignon (champignon, maltodextrine).
Nutritional Info

Valeurs nutritionnelles
pour 100g

Calories : 203 Kcal
Protéines : 13.8 g
Glucides : 26.5 g
Lipides : 4.6 g
Sodium : 3.9 g