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ARIAKE, Shellfish bouillons to infuse, 5 sachets

ARIAKE, Shellfish bouillons to infuse, 5 sachets

Discover Ariaké 100% Natural Shellfish Broth

This ready-to-use broth, made with natural ingredients, has many advantages. Composed of 52% shellfish, it is rich in protein and low in fat, making it an ideal choice for a healthy diet.

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How to Cook with Shellfish Broth?

Ariaké broth is a perfect choice to enhance your recipes: it can be used in cooking meats and fish, as a cooking base for vegetables, pasta, or risottos, and can also be used in making concentrated sauces.

Some Recipe Ideas Using Shellfish Broth

  • Seafood Risotto: Infuse a packet of shellfish broth in the cooking liquid of risotto for a marine flavor;
  • Seafood Soup: Use a packet of shellfish broth to enrich the broth of a seafood soup, adding umami depth;
  • Paella: Replace some of the water with infused shellfish broth to cook the rice in a paella, intensifying the flavors;
  • Fish Stew: Use shellfish broth to enrich the base of a fish stew, adding a touch of marine flavor;
  • Pasta Sauce: Infuse the broth into a tomato-based sauce with seafood to accompany fresh pasta.

Ariaké Shellfish Broth: Unmistakable Aroma

Shellfish broth emits intense marine aromas, with salty and umami notes from the shells and flesh of the shellfish. These broths are often infused with vegetables, herbs, and sometimes white wine, adding an additional dimension to their aromatic bouquet.

Ariaké, Experts in Traditional Broth

Founded by Kineo Okada in 1966 in Japan, ARIAKÉ excels in the artisanal production of traditional broths. These products are now offered in France in the form of entirely natural UHT bricks. Through the adoption of modern extraction techniques, ARIAKÉ manages to reproduce authentic flavors on a large scale, thereby consolidating its position in the culinary market.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 151,11
Native country FRANCE
Ingredients Crustacés (53%) : extrait de langoustine, crevette, chair de poisson,
extrait de levure, légumes (tomate, oignon), sel, sucre, fibres
de blé, antioxydant : extraits riches en tocophérols.
Nutritional Info

Valeurs nutritionnelles
pour 100g

Énergie : 282 Kcal
Protéines : 51.9 g
Glucides : 13.8 g
Lipides : 2.2 g
Sodium : 7.7 g