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Mackrel filets in mustard sauce
Mackrel filets in mustard sauce

Mackrel filets in mustard sauce

Subtly combined with an organic mustard sauce, these delicate mackerel fillets will seduce all lovers of flavours.

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Between modernity and tradition

La Conserverie Gonidec is the perfect alliance between modernity and tradition since 1959. The range of seafood products, which includes sardines, mackerel, tuna and cod liver, is prepared by hand with the greatest care. The fish are sustainably caught using bolinche, a technique that allows whole schools to be caught without harming the environment.

Bold Flavours

Mackerel fillets in mustard sauce are a real explosion of flavour. The tender, juicy fillets of mackerel are subtly combined with a delicious mustard sauce. The mustard adds a slightly spicy, tangy note that enhances the tasty flesh of the fish. When you taste these mackerel fillets, you will discover a balanced blend of the richness of the mackerel and the subtle spiciness of the mustard. It's a perfect combination for lovers of bold, gourmet flavours.

Deliciously versatile mackerel

Mackerel fillets with mustard sauce are perfect for enhancing your summer salads or making gourmet sandwiches. Their delicate flavour combined with the mustard sauce adds a touch of spice and creaminess to your dishes. You can also serve them as an aperitif, accompanied by crackers or fresh bread, to treat your guests.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 35,5
Allergen Poisson, Moutarde, Lait
Native country FRANCE
Ingredients *22,8% des ingrédients d'origine agricole sont issus de l'agriculture
huile de tournesol*, crème fraîche*, vinaigre d'alcool*, gomme
xanthane, épices*, sel.