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ARIAKE, Bouillon Dashi, 4 sachets de 33 cl
ARIAKE, Bouillon Dashi, 4 sachets de 33 cl

ARIAKE, Bouillon Dashi, 4 sachets de 33 cl

Discover the 100% natural and ready-to-use Dashi broth

The Dashi broth is perfect for everyday use. This convenient sachet contains royal kombu (seaweed) and bonito (dried fish), enriched with miso paste (a fermented mixture of soybeans and grains), soy sauce, and shiitake mushrooms. This high-quality Japanese dehydrated preparation is low in salt and fat-free.

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How to incorporate Dashi broth into your cooking?

Ariake broths, with their intense flavors, can be enjoyed on their own or enhanced, and serve as a versatile base for cooking meats, fish, vegetables, pasta, risottos, or for creating rich sauces.

Some recipe ideas for using Dashi broth

  • - Miso Soup: mix Dashi broth with miso paste, tofu, and wakame seaweed, then garnish with chopped green onions;
  • - Dashi Rice: add cooked rice to Dashi broth seasoned with soy sauce, mirin, and sugar, with shiitake mushrooms and carrots, served with a julienned omelet topping;
  • - Tempura: fry vegetables and seafood coated in tempura batter made with Dashi broth until golden brown, accompanied by a dipping sauce made from Dashi broth, soy sauce, and mirin;
  • - Dashi Sauce for Sushi: mix Dashi broth with soy sauce, mirin sauce, and sugar;
  • - Dashi Vegetable Stir-fry: sauté vegetables in Dashi broth and soy sauce, flavored with sesame oil, and serve hot as a side dish.

Tips for using Dashi broth in cooking

Using a saucepan: Heat water until boiling. Open the aluminum sachet using the notch provided. Submerge the sachet in the boiling water and cover the saucepan. Let the sachet infuse for five minutes on low heat, stirring occasionally.

With a kettle or microwave: Pour 330 ml of simmering water over the sachet. Let the sachet infuse for five minutes.

An Ariake broth with an incomparable essence of flavor

Dashi broth is a concentrate of umami flavors, typical of Japanese cuisine. Made from quality ingredients such as kombu (kelp seaweed) and katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes), it offers a rich and deep aromatic profile. The subtle marine notes of kombu blend harmoniously with the smoky and slightly salty flavors of katsuobushi.

Ariake: Quality excellence

ARIAKÉ products adhere to the most rigorous quality standards in the food industry, with meticulous monitoring at every stage of production, from the selection of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. The unique and automated production methods of the three manufacturing sites in Europe ensure uniform quality and strict adherence to hygiene standards. Additionally, ARIAKÉ is committed to a sustainable development policy aimed at reducing the environmental impact of its activities.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 170
Native country FRANCE
Ingredients Kombu royal (Saccharina latissima) 33%, sel, sucre, bonite (poisson)
pâte de miso (eau, fèves de soja, riz, sel), extrait de levure, sauce
soja (eau, graines de soja, blé, sel), champignon shiitaké, fibre de
Nutritional Info

Valeurs nutritionnelles
pour 100g

Énergie : 286.3 Kcal
Matières grasses : 1.5 g
dont AG saturés : 0.7g
Glucides : 45.2g
Sucres : 19.2g
Protéines: 23g
Sel: 23.4g


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