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Amandes BIO au thym de France* 100 g

Amandes BIO au thym de France* 100 g

Aperitif almonds with thyme

Opt for an original alternative to your traditional almonds with the Mariages Bedouin. They're toasted, crunchy and delicious, with organic olive oil and thyme, for tangy flavours and an unforgettable taste experience.

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Bedouin, almond experts since 1833

Bedouin is fortunate to have its own 70-hectare almond plantation in Spain, in the Extremadura region. This plantation allows Bedouin to produce part of its almonds locally, which guarantees a short circuit and superior quality. The independent almonds, grown on this plantation, are chosen for their sweet taste and high nutritional values.

A gourmet recipe cooked with passion

The Mariages Bedouin are designed in the workshops of Provence from a simple and innovative recipe: toasted, crispy and tasty blanched almonds, combined with organic herbs and a touch of olive oil. The almonds with French thyme are an explosion of herbaceous and fragrant flavours, which bring a Provencal touch to the roasted almonds. At the end of the preparation, each recipe is coated with agave syrup, which allows the flavours to melt perfectly with the almonds. The little-known agave is also a natural source of inulin, a prebiotic fibre beneficial for digestion.

Much more than an aperitif!

Bedouin recipes will brighten up your aperitif platters with a Provencal touch. Relax with these mixtures of roasted almonds and organic herbs or add them to a summer salad. For a spicy option, slip them onto your cheese boards.

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