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Sardines with olive oil
Sardines with olive oil

Sardines with olive oil

These sardines are covered with extra organic olive oil first cold pressed. This classic of the Cannery is renowned for its superior quality and nutritional virtues.

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The know-how of the Conserverie Gonidec

The Conserverie Gonidec has been a reference in the seafood industry for over 60 years. Thanks to a sustainable fishing technique called ""bolinche"", the fish are caught without damaging the environment. The sardines, mackerel, tuna and cod liver are then processed by hand into tasty recipes with olive oil and organic ingredients.

A symphony of marine flavours

Gonidec's sardines in olive oil are a must for seafood lovers. These premium sardines are carefully selected and expertly canned. When you open a can of sardines in olive oil, you are immediately enveloped by the delicate aroma of the olive oil, which enhances the tender and delicate flesh of the sardines. Each bite offers you an explosion of marine flavours, a perfect combination of the freshness of the sea and the sweetness of quality olive oil.

The essence of the sea in every bite

Sardines in olive oil are a must-have for aperitif platters. Serve them on toast with a touch of fresh butter and a few slices of lemon for a quick and delicious starter. You can also incorporate them into pasta or pizza recipes to add an authentic Mediterranean flavour.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 47,39
Allergen Poisson
Native country FRANCE
Ingredients Sardines 75%, huile d'olive vierge extra* 25%, sel
*25% des produits agricoles sont issus de l'agriculture biologique.