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Diamond salt with grilled spices, 280 g

Diamond salt with grilled spices, 280 g

These pink salt crystals are mixed with tasty grilled spices and make a delicious change to your traditional table salt. Percfect with carpaccios, fish, mixed salads and vegetables. Grind with a pestle and mortar or a salt mill.

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This harmonious mix of grilled spices and Himalayan salt crystals will enhance all your daily dishes. Its toasted and slightly sweet notes and its aromas of hazelnut are perfect with grilled meat, delicate fish, vegetable soups, rice dishes, carpaccios and pan-fried vegetables.

This mix of salt diamonds and grilled spices is best crushed with a salt mill or pestle and mortar. Best used at the end of the cooking process to maintain the full aromas of the spices.

The Himalayan Jewel !

The pure and precious salt crystals used in this mix are collected by hand from the salt mines of Khewra, at the heart of the Himalayas. They are also called “diamond salt” due to their shape. This salt is not quite as salty as fleur de sel and is slightly drier. This fossilized sea salt is also known as “rock salt” or “salt of the earth”.

More Information
More Information
Shelf life 5 years
Ingredient Diamonds salt, garlic, coriander, cumin, sesame, fenugreek
Nutritional info /
Native country PAKISTAN