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This spicy sauce originated in Madagascar. Its exotic and smoky flavours with a touch of ginger will be perfect for marinating meat and fish, as well as for incorporating into a vinaigrette.

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What is Sakay sauce?

Sakay sauce is the Malagasy chilli paste par excellence. In Malagasy culture, it's about not imposing this spiciness on those who couldn't tolerate it, which is why the sauce is not directly added to recipes, but rather available to the more adventurous on the red island's tables. Made from chillies, ginger and garlic, Sakay sauce develops smoky flavours that recall the rougail of our Reunionese friends. Its assertive spiciness subtly spices up your everyday dishes.

How can you use Mom Koumba's Sakay sauce?

Add it to your recipes or leave it out on your table, as is traditional practice. You can incorporate Sakay sauce into your pasta, lasagna, mofo (Malagasy watercress or spinach fritters), pizza, focaccia or other culinary cravings.

The Sakay sauce's added bonus

With the purchase of a jar of Mom Koumba Sakay, you support the NGO Yamuna in Madagascar. The structure is dedicated to the protection of women, children and youth in the country.

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More Information
Price/kg 26
Ingredients (huile végétale, extrait de paprika E160c)