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Sauce pur cru PHA YU, 100 ml
Sauce pur cru PHA YU, 100 ml

Sauce pur cru PHA YU, 100 ml

Pha Yu sauce with galangal and combava

Pha Yu sauce transports you to Asia with its combava and galanga flavours. Moderately spicy, it is rated 6/12 by Maison Martin.

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Fragrances of Asia

The aromatic complexity of galangal and the lemony freshness of combava combine with fresh chili to transport you to Asia.

Revisit Asian specialties in your style!

Fried rice, noodles, fish, seasonal vegetables, kebabs or woks, put a few drops of this sauce to spice up your dish.

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More Information
Price/kg 105
Native country FRANCE