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Amandes BIO poivrées au citron de Sicile* 100g
Amandes BIO poivrées au citron de Sicile* 100g

Amandes BIO poivrées au citron de Sicile* 100g

Aperitif almonds with pepper and lemon

Bedouin almonds, a unique recipe developed in the workshops of Provence, combine roasted blanched almonds, organic aromatics and olive oil for a sunny and tasty taste. Add a touch of freshness with the acidity of lemon, enhanced by our long-standing ally: pepper. Serve them as an aperitif, in a salad or with your cheeses for an explosion of flavours.

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Bedouin, almond expert since 1833

The Bedouin brand has its own 70-hectare almond plantation in Spain, in the Extremadura region. This plantation allows Bedouin to produce part of its almonds in-house, which guarantees a short circuit and superior quality. The independent almonds, grown on this plantation, are chosen for their sweet flavour and high nutritional value.

A gourmet recipe cooked with passion

Bedouin are created in the workshops of Provence following a simple and unique recipe: roasted blanched almonds, crispy and tasty, combined with organic herbs and a touch of olive oil. The Sicilian lemon peppered almonds are a surprising and delicious combination of fresh and tangy flavours with a hint of black pepper, which gives the roasted almonds a spicy kick. Each recipe is then coated with agave syrup, allowing the flavours to blend perfectly with the almonds. The little-known agave is also a natural source of inulin, a prebiotic fibre with many digestive benefits.

Much more than an aperitif!

Bedouin recipes are ideal for brightening up your aperitif platters with a Provencal touch. Delicious as a snack or added to a summer salad, they are perfect with a green salad and a drizzle of olive oil. For a spicier option, try them on your cheese boards.

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