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Curry shichimi togarashi

Curry shichimi togarashi

A mix of spicy and lemony notes. First blended by herb dealers in Edo (17th century). "Shichimi togarashi" translated literally means " seven-flavour chili pepper". Sold by street vendors at festive community and neighbourhood celebrations. Used to season soups, noodles, rice and grilled meat.

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Notre dernier né dans la gamme des curry : le curry Japonais.

Ce massala est composé : de piment de Cayenne, graines de pavot, poudre d'orange, graines de sésame, baie Sansho, gingembre et feuille de nori.

More Information
More Information
Shelf life 3 ans / 3 years
Ingredient Cayenne pepper, poppy seed, orange powder, sesame seed (allergen), Sansho berries, ginger, nori seaweed.
Nutritional info /
Native country FRANCE
Ingredients 1 Cayenne chili pepper, poppy seed, orange powder, SESAME seed,
Ingredients 2 Batak berry, ginger, nori seaweed.