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Crosta & Mollica Ovali Olive Rosemary

Crosta & Mollica Ovali Olive Rosemary

Indulge in Crosta & Mollica's Olive and Rosemary Crackers Chips

Here's a traditional Italian appetizer favorite, small chips of crackers reminiscent of the taste of olives and rosemary, with a subtle hint of salt. Ideal when paired with creamy cheese or sweet piccolo tomatoes.

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How to Perfectly Enjoy Ovali?

Dip the olive and rosemary crackers chips into hummus or Mediterranean tapenade. Pair them with aged cheese or a selection of charcuterie for a gourmet appetizer. You can also enjoy them plain to fully experience all their flavors.

Some Recipe Ideas for Using Ovali

  • - Herbed Feta Spread: Mash feta with fresh herbs like parsley, basil, and thyme. Spread this mixture on olive and rosemary crackers chips for a tasty snack;
  • - Homemade Tapenade: Prepare homemade tapenade by blending black olives, capers, garlic, and olive oil. Spread this preparation on olive and rosemary crackers chips for a Mediterranean appetizer;
  • - Caprese Crackers: Layer slices of tomato, mozzarella, and fresh basil on olive and rosemary crackers chips. Drizzle with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil;
  • - Olive Hummus: Add pitted black olives to your homemade hummus. Serve it with olive and rosemary crackers chips for a delicious alternative;
  • - Goat Cheese and Honey: Spread fresh goat cheese on olive and rosemary crackers chips, then drizzle with a honey. Add a few sprigs of rosemary for an extra touch;
  • - Herbed Tzatziki: Prepare a tzatziki with Greek yogurt, grated cucumber, garlic, and fresh herbs. Use this sauce as a dip for olive and rosemary crackers chips.

The Delights of Ovali

Olives bring a salty and slightly fruity note, while rosemary adds an herbal and fragrant touch. The intense flavors of olive oil combined with rosemary give these crackers a delicious depth of taste.

Crosta & Mollica Introduces Us to the Flavors of Italy

Founded in 2009 by James Orr, Crosta & Mollica was inspired by the love and effort Italians put into preparing their cuisine. Since 2013, they have been exploring Italy in search of local ingredients and recipes that capture the passionate spirit of the country. Crosta & Mollica deeply believes that nothing creates stronger bonds than enjoying delicious shared cuisine. Therefore, the team is committed to bringing authentic Italian cuisine to tables worldwide.

More Information
More Information
Price/kg 0
Allergen Gluten / Gluten
Native country ITALIE
Ingredients WHEAT flour, potato, sunflower oil, Leccino Leccino olives 10%, corn,
yeast, salt, rosemary 0.4%.
Nutritional Info VN Energie pour 100 g (energy for 100g) : 1746 kJ / 417 kcal
VN Matière grasse (fat) : 11 g
Dont acide gras saturés (of which saturated fat) : 1.2 g
VN Glucides (carbohydrate) : 66 g
Dont sucres (of which sugars) : 7.7 g
VN Protéines (protein) : 11 g
Vn Sel (salt) : 2.4 g