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Colombo cream, 85g

This colombo paste is perfect with seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes. Use it in marinades, sauces or even for spicing up your mayonnaise!


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This colombo paste with sweet anise notes is delicious with sweet potatoes, green beans and cream, aubergines and courgettes. This exotic flavoured paste will enhance your chicken, goat, lobster tails, shrimps, pork and lamb dishes. Ideal with rice, vegetables and white meat, all served in a rich creamy sauce. You can also use it in your stews and sauces for poultry or fish fillets or with oven-roasted or pan-fried meat.

It is best used infused in sauces or cream to preserve its delicate aromas. Avoid boiling or cooking at too high a temperature.

Colombo is a West Indian spice mix appeared in the West Indies at the end of the 19th century during the British colonisation with the arrival of coolies. It is an essential ingredient of Chicken Colombo and is also perfect with seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes.


Additional Information

Country France
Ingredient Sunflower oil, spices colombo powder (24% including turmeric, coriander, white pepper, cumin, spices), garlic, vinegar, salt.
Use By date 3 years
Storage conditions Store in a dry place, away from light
Allergen Allergen free
Nutritional info

Nutrition Facts:

Calories : 351 Kcal
Protein :3.6 g
Carbohydrate : 19 g
Sugar : 0.49 g
Fiber : 5.3 g
Fat : 29 g
Saturated fat : 3.3 g
Salt : 10.0 g

Price/kg 78.82


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