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Tailor made pepper box
Tailor made pepper box
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Tailor made pepper box

Terre Exotique World’ Pepper box, for a perfect gift.


This customizable box allows you to enhance each of your recipes to perfection.

The degree of maturity, the post-harvest work and the terroir give each pepper its own unique flavors.

Terre Exotique offers you the opportunity to do your own customized selection of peppers for your kitchen.

Choose your favorite black, white, red and green peppers, a pepper blend and finally, a berry.

What's the best part of this box? The 6th box is free!

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Pepper : the king of spices!

We have thought this tailor made box as an introduction to the pepper’s discovery.p>

Pepper comes in 4 colors

The difference between each color of pepper is due to the maturity at which it is harvested.

Green Pepper

Green pepper is harvested once the cluster is formed, right before ripeness, the notes will be fresh and lemony.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is picked just at maturity and then sun-dried. It is the micro fermentation that gives it its color and crumpled appearance. Its flavors will be pungent and strong.

Red Pepper

Red pepper is harvested at optimum maturity, the bunches are dried alternating between shade and sun.

White Pepper

White pepper is picked at optimum maturity when the bunch is orange in color, its skin is removed through retting and then dried in the sun.

Pepper and its botanical classification

The new binomial nomenclature meant the genus was qualified by an adjective which identified the species. So, pepper became known, for botanical purposes, as Piper nigrum, Piper longum… from the Piperales order and the Piperaceae family.

The world of berries

Piper is the only “true” pepper. It is indeed a botanical category which corresponds to a genus, and to a family but sometimes the terms come from everyday usage or trade. It is the ethnobotanist who determines the sense of the words used for the plant species.

Specialties pepper

In a perpetual quest for new flavors, Terre Exotique has imagined blends of peppers and berries. These recipes offer the right balance between each of the selected spieces, which allow you to appreciate the aromas of each of the berries, while enjoying the delicious marriage of their combination.

How to use pepper in cooking ?

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