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Madagascar Box

Discover 6 wondrous treasures from the wild nature of the island of Madagascar.


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Vanilla from Madagascar Island, Powder

Vanilla from Madagascar Island, Powder

Madagascar Black pepper

Madagascar Black pepper

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This gift box gives all you need to explore the agricultural and gastronomic delights of Madagascar.

With this exotic gift box set out to discover 6 wondrous treasures brought to you from the island’s wilderness

  • Combava, a delicious citrus fruit with an enchanting flavour
  • Pink Berries, always amaze by the powerful aromatic sweet and slightly peppery flavours
  • Voatsiperifery Pepper, outstanding fresh and punchy flavour with subtle floral, woody and citrus aromas.
  • Fleur de sel with grilled spices, a tasty mix of roast spices and Madagascan Fleur de sel
  • Salty Coastal Pepper, a green pepper which is crunchy, spicy and salty
  • Ground Cinnamon, this emblematic Ceylon cinnamon, will enchant all your gourmet desserts.

- Voatsiperifery pepper, a piper borbonense L., has a delightfully fresh and punchy taste with subtle floral, woody and citrus aromas. It has stronger and spicier notes than piper negrum.⁠

This surprising pepper is delicious with chocolate desserts. Dazzle your guests by adding a pinch of cracked Voatsiperifery pepper to a glass of sparkling wine.

- Pink berries from Madagascar come from the Schinus terebinthifolius or Brazilian peppertree and are harvested and carefully selected by the expert hands of Malagasy women.⁠

Pink peppercorns, renowned for their resinous aroma, are delicious with foie gras or salmon, and perfect for enhancing carrot soup or a dish of tagliatelle.

- Salty Coastal Pepper is an unusual green pepper surprisingly crunchy, spicy and salty all at the same time.⁠

It comes from the Eastern coast of Madagascar and is harvested by hand by the Malagasy people, from February to May, on drupes which are not quite ripe. These surprising green peppercorns are first preserved in brine then dried. This makes them crunchy and tasty.

They will enhance many dishes from a tournedos with crème fraiche to a fillet of white fish. Sprinkle them over your home-made tapas or warm goat’s cheese canapés. Indulge and present these delicious peppercorns as spicy nibbles instead of a bowl of peanuts!

- Combava is a wondrous citrus fruit full of flavour and looks like a lime.⁠

Its surprising aromas release notes of verbena, lemon grass, ginger and coriander.

It is delightfully fresh and is a perfect companion for fish, white meat and will add a subtle acidity to your stocks.  ⁠

- Fleur de sel with grilled spices is a tasty harmonious blend of roast spices and Madagascan Fleur de sel.⁠

This mix is perfect to accompany and enhance your meat, carpaccio, pan-fried vegetables, fish and soups.

- Cinnamon comes from the bark of the Cinnanonum zeylanicum, ⁠a straight trunked tree from the Lauraceae family.⁠

The fine inner bark is cut and carefully removed, then scored and scratched by hand and dried in the shade and then in the sun, to obtain cinnamon sticks.⁠

Cinnamon is often used in desserts and sweet pastries in Europe and America, however in Africa and India it is more often used in savoury dishes. Cinnamon sticks can be used whole or ground down to a powder.


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