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Coffret les curry du monde

Coffret les curry du monde

Each curry recipe offers a unique flavor and intensity.

Therefore, choose your 6 favorite blends from our selection to enhance each of your recipes.

The extra perk of the set?

We are pleased to offer you the 6th box for free.

The presentation in an elegant white box also makes it an exceptional personalized gift!

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    What is curry?

    In the West, the term curry often refers to a blend of Indian-inspired spices used to flavor dishes. However, in India, it's more of a catch-all term for a saucy dish, derived from the Tamil word "kari," meaning "sauce dish." Indians prefer the term "masala" to refer to the spice blend, which means "mixture." Each region, and even each family, has its own curry recipe. Other blends draw inspiration from curry by reinventing new recipes to deliciously enhance dishes.

    The curries offered in the set

    Red curry

    Spicy, red curry is ideal for meats, shrimp, or tofu. Popular in Thailand, this blend offers hot and aromatic flavors. Intensely spicy, red curry also includes paprika, turmeric, mustard, fenugreek, cayenne pepper, coriander, cumin, black pepper, fennel, clove, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon. Its dominant red ingredients give it its color. Terre Exotique's red curry is prepared in accordance with Thai tradition, making it both fragrant, subtle, and spicy (the spiciest of curries).

    Green curry

    Subtle and refined, green curry pairs wonderfully with delicate dishes like white fish or shellfish. It features aromatic notes of lemongrass, ginger, and chili, giving it a slightly spicy and fresh taste. Our green curry includes ginger, coriander, salt, holy basil, shallot, Ma Khaen berry, kaffir lime, garlic, and chili. For elevated and tangy aromas.

    Breton curry

    Breton curry is a mild and fragrant blend that appeals to all ages. Inspired by the meeting of spice blends brought by the East India Company and fishermen from Lorient. Terre Exotique's Breton Curry is an exclusive recipe featuring fragrant dried seaweeds such as nori, dulse, wakame, and sea lettuce. Combined with cumin, fennel, and coriander, these marine flavors give Breton curry a unique taste. Here is an original blend, slightly iodized, to educate the palate without being overwhelmed by excessive intensity.

    Madras curry

    A famous Indian blend, Madras curry is an essential that suits all dishes, even sweet ones! It is distinguished by its yellow color, which confirms the presence of turmeric in the mix. On the nose, it presents herbaceous and lemony notes as well as a woody finesse. On the palate, its mildness surprises and envelops food in a warm veil. Like a pepper with ginger accents, Madras yellow curry is very lightly spicy and piquant. It is therefore possible to incorporate Madras curry into dishes intended for children as well. It notably includes turmeric, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, ginger, and cardamom. Carefully selected spices by Terre Exotique to intensely flavor your dishes!

    Toasted black curry

    Collected from the spice market of Galle, toasted black curry is the quintessential Sri Lankan recipe. Its toasted notes and robust aromas leave no one indifferent. It enhances grilled fish, meats, and sautéed vegetables.

    Shichimi togarashi curry

    Shichimi togarashi curry literally means "7-flavor chili." This Japanese curry seasons soups, noodles, rice, and grilled meats. It includes cayenne pepper, poppy seeds, orange powder, sesame seeds, Batak berry, ginger, and nori leaf. Very aromatic with lemony notes, it is also very spicy. It is a true device of flavors to be used sparingly.


    This condiment from southern India is a blend of onions, fresh herbs, and spices marinated and then dried in the sun. It must be heated to release its aroma and flavor perfectly into the dishes to which it is added. At Terre Exotique, Vadouvan is highly appreciated in dishes based on fish and shellfish! Gentler than other curries, Vadouvan is perfect for more sensitive palates.

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