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Easy to use box

This box is a must-have for your cuisine!

We have elaborated this box to go along with your meals, thanks to the easy-to-use blends. Discover these mixes and its flavors created for all food lovers. The best part of this box? The 6th box is free!

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The spice blends

Discover below our tips on how to use each of the easy-to-use mixes. Although spice blends are typically used in specific recipes, don’t shy away from using them on a daily basis in all types of dishes and sauces.

Guacamole spice blend

1 teaspoon of this blend mixed with a ripe avocado + 1/2 diced tomato and dash of lemon juice will give you a delicious guacamole.

Tzatziki spice blend

1 teaspoon of this blend mixed with Greek yogurt + 1/4 of diced cucumber is the best way to get a savory tzatziki sauce.

Baker spice blend

An original and spicy bread with the Terre Exotique spice blend! Add just 1 tablespoon of this spice blend in the dough bread to make a revisited baguette.

Trappeur blend

This sweet’n’salty Quebecois mix is ideal with salmon, grilled meat and soups.

Potatoes spice blend

This Potato spice mix contains basil, rosemary, salt and garlic. Make your very own finger-licking potato wedges with this mix!

Arrabiata blend

Heat 2 teaspoons of this spice mix in a frying pan with olive oil. Add 2 tins of chopped tomatoes (425 ml) then reduce over a high heat for about 15 mins. Serve with penne Rigate or use as a sauce for pizzas.

Fishmonger seasoning

This refreshing blend will enchant your fish: use it in court bouillon for poaching your fish, "à l’étouffée", with breaded fish or cooked a la plancha...

Roast chicken spice blend

This spice blend will enhance your poultry and white meat with delicious and original aromas. Your Sunday roast will never be the same again!

Tartar spice blend

A perfect tartar sauce in a second with the Terre Exotique spices mix! Add just 2 tbsp of the mix to sunflower oil, capers and eggs to make a perfect tartar sauce.

Spice blend for homemade mustard

Everything you need to impress your guests in this small tin. Just add 150g of water and 150g of cider vinegar to the contents of this tin then mix to obtain your very own delicious mustard.

Discover here the homemade mustard recipe

Bearnaise spice blend

Your bearnaise sauces will never be the same again! Add only 2 teaspoons with eggs, butter and vinegar to obtain the perfect bearnaise sauce!

Discover here the bearnaise sauce recipe

Paella spice blend

To make your very own authentic Valencian paella put 1kilo if rice in a pan of boiling water (2 and half times the volume of rice), add a teaspoon of this Paella mix and simmer for 20 minutes. Although the traditional recipe is made with fish, it is also delicious to spice up your meats.