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Barbecue box
Barbecue box
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Barbecue box

It's time to bring out your barbecue, plancha or grill for friendly moments with family or friends, around delicious kebabs and grills! Exclusively available online, this custom-made spice set allows you to choose 6 boxes from our selection to discover new flavors and enhance all your culinary preparations. All presented in an elegant black box, it's also an original gift idea for spice lovers. The added bonus? The mustard is included for free!

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What is the barbecue box?

Our spice selection is carefully chosen to offer unique flavors and tasty blends. You can choose from 12 different boxes to create a custom-made box tailored to your taste and culinary desires. The custom-made box is presented in an elegant black box, also ideal for gift giving.

What does the barbecue box contain?

Choose your 6 favorite boxes from our selection below and discover unique flavors to enhance all your culinary preparations.

Chimichurri Pampeano

Chimichurri Pampeano is a popular blend of herbs and spices in Argentina, used as a marinade base or accompaniment sauce for meats. Its name comes from a Scottish meat importer who loved curry and whose cooks asked him "chi me churri" to say "give me curry." The mixture consists of parsley, garlic, oregano, coriander, salt, and pepper. Argentines have a passion for chimichurri and use it as the only accompaniment for beef during famous asados evenings.


Smoked Paprika

Smoked Paprika is a sweet pepper native to South America, grown in Spain in the Vera region since the 16th century. Its chorizo flavor and dark red color belong to the traditional Spanish repertoire and brighten up family and popular dishes such as paella or tortillas. Pimenton de la Vera benefits from an AOP that guarantees the best quality. It comes from a bushy plant whose fruits are delicately suspended to dry, then smoked with oak wood for two weeks. Its artisanal production is a know-how held by only 12 factories.

Butcher's Blend

The butcher's blend wakes up your meat cuts. In creating this blend, we wanted to create a blend of herbs and spices that was both practical and full of flavors to enhance each meat. Sprinkle a few pinches of this blend on red meat before grilling it on the barbecue.

Mexican Rubs Blend

The Mexican rubs blend is a dry spice marinade that is applied to meat before cooking. Composed of paprika, lime, salt, and cayenne pepper, this blend is known for its spicy and hot flavors. The Mexican rubs blend was created in 1985 by Horacio Fernandez and is inspired by Mexican cuisine, known for its rich spices and flavors. This dry marinade is a culinary tradition in South America and is simply rubbed on the meat to multiply the flavors during cooking. In the southern United States, during the conquest of America by the Spaniards and Portuguese, a cooking process used by a Native American ethnic group was discovered: barbacoa (barbecue). A cooking process during which spices were added to the meat to give it more flavor. Sprinkled on the meat or rubbed, the rubs make their entry into culinary traditions.

Cajun Blend

The Cajun blend is a mix of American-inspired spices, originating from Louisiana, that brings spicy and delicate flavors to all dishes. This blend, invented by French-speaking Cajuns, descendants of the Acadians deported to Louisiana in 1750, is the result of the ingenuity of these French people who learned to survive in these inhospitable lands. Cajun cuisine is a melting pot of French, Creole, African, and Spanish cuisine. The spices that make up this blend are paprika, coriander, mustard, turmeric, fennel, cumin, black pepper, and garlic. Cayenne pepper is also present to bring fruity and lively aromas, while remaining suitable for Western cuisine.

Trapper's Blend

The sweet and salty trapper's blend is a spice blend inspired by traditional Quebecois cuisine. It offers unique flavors that transport the taste buds out of time and civilization. It is ideal for grilling or barbecue salmon. The trapper's blend is a hymn to nature and culinary traditions of Quebec.


Crazy Salt

The Terre Exotique Crazy Salt is an all-purpose spice mix that makes it a secret weapon for your cooking, with subtle, spicy, and delicate flavors. It is composed of coarse salt from the island of Ré, paprika, rosemary, pink berries, and cayenne pepper, which gives it a slightly spicy, sweet and salty taste. It is perfect for enhancing the flavors of your dishes and can be used in a dry marinade or on grilled meat. The origins of crazy salt are mysterious, but it is known that the salt workers on the island of Ré created it by adding herbs and spices to their salt.

Wild Garlic Persillade

The Terre Exotique wild garlic persillade is a blend of herbs made up of parsley, shallot, garlic, and wild garlic. Parsley is an aromatic plant of the Umbelliferae family and garlic is a perennial plant of the Liliaceae family. Shallot and wild garlic are also bulbous plants. The persillade is a traditional French recipe created in 1814 by the famous chef Marie-Antoine Carême for the minister Talleyrand. It is often used to season grilled meat dishes.

Steakhouse Blend

Discover a spice blend that will give a kick to your meat dishes. Composed of a selection of delicious ingredients such as onion, voatsiperifery pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, and thyme, this assortment will bring a touch of character to your beef cuts. Whether grilled or griddled, your meat dishes will not lack flavor! And the best part? These spices are easy to use for a guaranteed result.

Madras Curry

Madras curry is a delicately spiced blend of spices that enhances savory and sweet dishes, composed of turmeric, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, ginger, or cardamom. It can be used in different ways, including in a marinade, at the beginning of cooking, or as a finishing touch in a sauce. The word "curry" is probably derived from the Anglicism of the Tamil word "kari," which refers to a spice preparation intended for seasoning.

Fishmonger's Blend

Discover our Fishmonger's Blend, a subtle blend of spices to enhance all your grilled and barbecue fish dishes. Use it to prepare a variety of dishes on the grill or barbecue, such as grilled or poached fish, seafood skewers, marinades, or sauces. Let your taste buds travel with this exceptional spice blend!

Roasted Spice Salt

Roasted spice salt is a delicate blend of Madagascar salt and roasted spices, such as coriander, sesame, garlic, fenugreek, and cumin. This salt enhances the flavors of food without being too spicy and is suitable for the whole family. It can be used in a variety of dishes, such as meats, fish, and vegetable sautés. Terre Exotique's Roasted Spice Salt is a flagship product of the brand, created in collaboration with salt makers from Réunion. It is artisanally produced and hand-harvested in the Ifaty salt marshes in Madagascar.

High-Quality Spices to Enhance All Your Culinary Preparations

All our spices are carefully selected to offer unique and intense flavors. Whether you are a fan of spicy cuisine or prefer subtle flavors, our selection of spices will satisfy your taste buds. Use them to enhance your favorite meats, fish, or vegetables. With this custom-made barbecue spice set, you have the opportunity to create unique flavor combinations to impress your guests or simply enjoy at home.

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Good to Know

For each spice, simply scan the QR code provided to access all the information you need: cooking tips and advice, recipe ideas for tasty meals, detailed description. Enjoy a practical experience to impress your guests at your next family or friends gathering!

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