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Cinnamon berry

Cinnamon berry

After cinnamon, discover cinnamon berry

Surprising, cinnamon berry possess cinnamon flavors. Infused in compotes or crushed over poultry, melons, black puddings, and foie gras. Mix it with your five-pepper blend.

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Discover Terre Exotique's Cinnamon Berry!

Practical, original, surprising... Cinnamon berry revolutionizes cinnamon. The fruit of the cinnamon tree, it possesses the same characteristics as its well-known bark. Even better, it grinds easily and preserves its flavors until the last moment. Just mix it with your traditional pepper and berry blends. A turn of the mill... and your entire kitchen is transformed!

Some recipe ideas using cinnamon berry:

  • - Spiced mulled wine: infuse red wine with cinnamon berry, orange peel, peppercorns, and lemon slices. Add honey to taste, heat, and serve for a comforting drink;
  • - Spiced melon: sprinkle cinnamon berry, Penja's 3 peppers, Jamaican pepper, and pink berries from Terre Exotique on melon;
  • - Cinnamon berry chicken curry: add some cinnamon berry to your spice mix for a fragrant and exotic chicken curry;
  • - Homemade gingerbread: use cinnamon berry in your gingerbread recipe for a warm and comforting flavor;
  • - Spiced lentils: add cinnamon berry to simmered lentils with onions, garlic, and other spices for a tasty preparation;
  • - Apple and cinnamon chutney: prepare a chutney by mixing chopped apples, raisins, sugar, vinegar, and cinnamon berry. Ideal as a side dish for roasted meats.

The intense aroma of cinnamon fragrance

Oriental scents, intoxicating warmth, and health benefits, how can one resist? Sweeter and more aromatic than cinnamon powder, with a slight spiciness, cinnamon berry comes close without being identical. Its shape, between tail peppers and clove, offers a wide range of uses.

Exploring the botany of cinnamon berry

Cinnamon berry comes from Cinnamorum cassia. Originating from China and Indonesia, its bark produces the world's best cinnamon. This tree, part of the laurel family, can reach up to 13 meters in height. The branches exposed by cinnamon harvesting serve as firewood, and the leaves are bought by distillers. Only the flowers of this tree remain unused, much to our delight! Unpleasant in smell, they give rise to our delicious cinnamon berries.

A tale of cinnamon and love

A Chinese legend adds a touch of mystery to this spice: the goddess of cinnamon, infatuated with a young philosopher, used all her charm to win him over. It is from this story that the aphrodisiac reputation attributed to the plant originates.

More Information
More Information
Allergen Absence
Native country CHINE
Genus and botanical species Cinnamomum cassia
Ingredients cinnamon tree berry
TRACES EVENTUELLES D'ALLERGÈNES céleri, sésame, moutarde, fruits à coques.

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