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Christmas sugar, Sugarcane with spices, 250 g

Christmas sugar, Sugarcane with spices, 250 g

Touches of this sugar will remember you all your sweet memories of Christmas. Everybody will be over the moon if you decide to bake a homemade cake, an apple pie or just caramelized your turkey with pinches of this sugar.
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This sugar with gingerbread spices will delight your children on a farm quark but also in a home-made cake, a tart with seasonal fruits, chicory or even to caramelize your Christmas turkey.
More Information
More Information
Shelf life 3 years
Ingredient Brown sugar, cinnamon, anise, ginger, cardamom, star anise, black pepper, nutmeg, paprika, cloves, coriander
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Native country Île de la Réunion