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Cayenne chili pepper
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Cayenne chili pepper

This Cayenne chilli pepper grows in mainland France

Discover this Cayenne chilli pepper grown in France, in the Brenne valley Natural Park. This Cayenne chilli pepper will bring a colourful zing to your dishes sauces or mashed potato and enchant them with its spicy and exotic flavours. Cayenne chilli pepper scores 8/10 on the Scoville scale and is rated torrid.


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Where to use Cayenne chilli pepper

Our recipe ideas for Cayenne chilli pepper:

  • Marinated chicken with Cayenne chilli pepper: marinate your chicken with 1½ teaspoon of Cayenne chilli pepper (check out our recipe on our blog here);
  • Butternut soup with coconut milk and chilli pepper: add ¼ teaspoon of Cayenne chilli pepper to your soup mix then blend;
  • Sweet potato fries: sprinkle ¼ teaspoon of Cayenne chilli pepper over your sweet potato fries before cooking;
  • Spicy hot mayonnaise: add a peck of Cayenne chilli pepper to your ingredients before whipping up your mayonnaise;
  • Hot’n’spicy mashed potato: add a peck of Cayenne chilli pepper to your home-made mash for an exotic taste;

The powerful aromas of Cayenne chilli pepper

The powerful aromas of Cayenne chilli pepper with their spicy yet sweet notes are ideal for spicing up your stews, marinades and wok fried vegetables.

How is Cayenne chilli pepper grown?

This Cayenne chilli pepper is grown in mainland France in the Brenne Regional Natural Park. Capsicum frutescens is originally from the Andes, is part of the Solonaceae family and is one of the world’s hottest chillis. It is also known as Pili-pili, and scores 8/10 on the Scoville scale, rated as volcanic.

In line with our approach to promote our French spice producers, we have chosen this French chilli which is produced in compliance with short food supply chain principles. Our partner is fully committed to producing the best quality goods with strict adherence to organic farming standards.

All the products are grown in compliance with agroforestry principles which promote biodiversity and reduce water evaporation.

The history behind this Cayenne chilli pepper

Cayenne chilli pepper has been used for over 7000 years. It is named after the capital of French Guiana where it was first discovered by Spanish explorers.

Nowadays, Cayenne chilli pepper is not only grown in Guiana but also in Southern Asia, India and also in Mainland France as is the case for our Terre Exotique Cayenne chilli.

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Ingredients Cayenne chili pepper
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